One Light Portrait Setup

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Portrait photography: Using One Light to Create a Classic Portrait.


Jin mizushima says:

can i use an ordinary umbrella?

Kevin Anderson says:

Thank you for this video!

vinh tu says:

Thanks a lot, nice tutorial

Eric Brown says:

You are the smartest guy I ever watch on youtube.
Keep making great video’s.

MrWoodworksfilms says:

Brilliant Tutorial, Brilliant! No jargon – just straight to the point. Thank you

Bruce Alvarez says:

Nice basic almost common sense tutorial. Loved it. I hate when people over complicate stuff.

Jim mulholland says:

Great to see this video, its all explained in simple terms with no models or loud voices, educationally very good, well done

inn0v8tiv says:

great tutorial. thank you

readymology says:

very educated.. cool.. !!!! thx mr ed

Harry Michaels says:

Thank you for this video. Simple and to the point.

Babar Ghias says:

Great video, very easy to understand whats going on.
Thanks for sharing & keep it up.

Babar Ghias says:

Thank you so much for sharing these videos.

petenicezz says:

can a 500 watts bulb be use with umbrella lighting

kbudiarto says:

For one second, I thought John Travolta was talking.

CanecaProductions says:

I bought your Flash Photography Book and it was really helpful 😛

SimplisticMind says:

Excellent tutorial, thank you very much.

Lincoshop says:

Light modifiers : Live Demo (Umbrella,Softbox,Reflector Panel,Barndoor)

andrewstuartallen says:

The 3d simulation of the setup is really helpful and the explanation is very clear. Thanks for taking the time to make this video!

jun ling says:

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w w

Debedeb says:

This is awsome direction for us new starters ;Thanks so much for sharing

Peter Burger says:

Outstanding tutorial! Thanks a lot!

William Esposito says:

i lovet thank you so much to share!!!

Anggie Harygustia says:

cool! very useful! thanks, brother!

Toni Serb says:

cool and informative….love it!

Daniel De Rudder says:

Nice video. I have one question though, aren’t PocketWizards capable of transmitting the correct exposure values to the flash (E-TTL II) ? So why have you switched the flash to manual flash?

fallyhag says:

This is a stand out video. I can clearly see your layout and judge distances. Then you show your settings and the various changes that can be made. Very easy to follow. Big thanks for posting it on here. Keep up the good work 🙂

Paul Timon says:

Thanks. Missed that. 🙂
Red/green deficiency!

Ed Verosky says:

Paul: In the video the green highlighted area indicates a change being made. The first mention in the audio and green settings have to do with a light POWER adjustment from 1/8 to 1/16. That is a correct change. The other changes show an increase of light in ONE of the settings at a time (indicated by the green highlight). But yes, I can see where the yellow f-stop numbers on the first slide can be confusing.

Paul Timon says:

Liked the tutorial but I think there are two mistakes. To solve hot spots you went from f4 to f2.8 which would have increased the exposure and made it worse.
A similar error to increase exposure.
Paul Timon

serenityphoto247 says:

Hello Ed I have been a follower of your podcast from the beginning. The video was simple. The way I like it. Keep it going. Cant wait for the next one.

Ed Verosky says:

Thanks. And what’s cool is that anything can serve as a background (even a white wall), and your light can be a simple household lamp to get started.

janlecocq says:

Great video, Ed. It makes me want to get into studio portrait photography!!! When I do portraits, they are always “candid” ….I don’t have the studio…but I love what you do! It wouldn’t be that big of an investment to set up a backdrop, and the lighting…interesting…

Jim Kosinski says:

Nice simple straightforward video.

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