Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

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junxrare says:

thank you for vdo

Benjitopaz says:

How does this help me to get fkashh???!

Tuan Nguyen says:

chealse is gorgeous but the photographer is just insanely good.

Ricardo de la tejera says:

Thanks Chelsea. You’ve made my day! LOL
Have a wonderful 2013!!
I’ve been doing photography for quite a long time, but I never get tired of refreshing my knowledge, so it is great to see videos like the ones you and Tony put out.
Muchas gracias!!
Greetings from Mexico!!

Tony Northrup says:

I always just leave the WB set to auto, but since I shoot RAW, I can change it later. Check Chapters 3 and 4 of my book Stunning Digital Photography (link in the description) for more info. There was minimal processing on the sample photos.

Mary Angeles Villalba says:

Thank you Tony. This is awesome and helpful. Couple of questions: What WB settings where you using? Did you do some post-editing to the pictures you showed? (pimples, curves, etc…?). Thanks a MILLION!

DexonDee says:

Ok tnx

Tony Northrup says:

Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS mk II

DexonDee says:

Nice videos…can u tell me what lens you use?

salsero206 says:

Thank you!! =D i love your channel very inspirational!

Tony Northrup says:

Always ISO 100, flash ETTL -1.5 stops (or so, adjusted based on the results). Shutter speed set automatically by the camera’s meter.

Check chapters 4 and 6 in Stunning Digital Photography for more information about how to select the right settings for portraits and other types of photography–links in the description.

salsero206 says:

Tony, you said settings,
200mm @2.8 ……. What about…..
shutter speed?
Flash? manual or ETTL? What power you use?
thanxs man!
beautiful model.

Chelsea Knowles says:

You’re beautiful, too, Ricardo!

Chelsea Knowles says:

I disagree with both statements. We’re both great photographers, and I’m brave enough to stand in front of the camera sometimes 😉

Autoworst says:

I disagree completely. Brilliant photographer, but grumpy model.

Tony Northrup says:

200mm, f/2.8 (on a full-frame camera)

entrepoker says:

what are the settings for the last 3 shots?

Tony Northrup says:

Usually I use ETTL (automatic) with flash exposure compensation.

M Hendra Herviawan says:

do you use Manual (For Flash) ?, Why not using Automatic

bastard231 says:

All your tutorials are great. You have helped me a lot and inspired me! Thank you

avashe69 says:

hey whats her name??

Neetu Paryani says:

Amazing tips. Such simple changes made great portraits.

jkw427 says:

Oh I definitely agree on the full frame, but for apsc’s, glass is my option. Other than the usual noise issues on mine, T1i, I’m happy with the images. I’m pulling 18 meg images from a 15 meg camera, straight raw, lol I was stunned when I saw that. LR and CS5 confirm it. 5d’s put out some nice images though. Maybe in the next year or two, I’ll make the jump.

Deep Jashan says:

finally i come to know why the display pic is so pleasant one… this guy is a photographer!!

DIYTechHelp says:

Like @jkw427 said… spend decent money on lenses. The lens is what makes the shot. The body processes it. If you are going to be blowing up your images, having a body with 10 or 12 megapixels is great! But if you can acquire an affordable body, you can spend more money on very nice lenses, which will give you awesome results. And as far as producing bokeh images goes… you want a shallow depth of field. Larger aperture results in shallow depth of field.

Ricardo de la tejera says:


RCKof502 says:

Your model has amazing eyes.

Alex James says:


frankrizzo442 says:

Thanks for the book!

skullcrushgear says:

Great video. Thanks for the tips.

skullcrushgear says:

Great video. Thanks for the tips.

Tony Northrup says:

A Canon 70-200 f/2.8 Mk II. No filters. Check the links in the description for links to my favorite camera gear.

Also, if you want to get better at portraits, be sure to read my book (also linked in the description).

AmandaCuteBarbie says:

What lens and filters did you use? its am-a-zuung

Edy Surya says:

Great tutorial. Thank you very much!

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