Stroboscopic Flash: Ep 213: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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In this episode Mark Wallace shows us how to use the stroboscopic feature on a speedlight. Mark will demonstrate how to create unique images that capture motion. Watch as Mark walks you through the steps to get captivating shots.


DMEsch2002 says:

Hey, cool video! Could you please tell me the name of the song starting at 9:21? I’ve been looking for it for ages 🙂 Thank you!!

Borgdatanode says:

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dennis abena says:

hey Mark Wallace I have a question regarding with my old flash unit. ive been searching a lot online regarding with it but i cant find the right answer. My grand father gave me his old sunpak auto 422d thyristor flash unit with sunpak ne-2d module mount which is for nikon f3 fe2 fg fa etc. I have an olympus epl2 and im kinda more on flash photography and i tried the sunpak 422d on it with that said module it did work fine but my concern is if its safe to use it in micro thirds camere??? thanks

Tylereatsanimals says:

Would the Canon speed light 430exII work for this trickery ?

Josh Ramirez says:

can this be done with off camera flash using PW Plus IIs?

orangeskyme says:

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mr667 says:

9:18 Hawaii music 😀

Pedro Bento says:

Hello Mark. Great video! Can you tell me the brand and model of that tripod? Thanks.

Panagiotis Limperopoulos says:

Great Mark thanks for the info mate.Really helpfull.It works with my Canon Eos 550D and my Speedlight 580EXII.Keep recording and i will keep shooting….:)

oceandrew says:

Typically no but read your camera’s manual to see if yours does.

salsero206 says:


n1ckotene says:

One thing I’ve never really got to grips with is stroboscopic flash.

Now I know, thanks Mark!

vietanhdr says:

I’m gonna try this when I have a flash 😀

Stepphan Mc Pherson says:

Well done Mr. Wallace !

d7oom0555288867 says:

mark wallace.. your the man
best of luck to you

warnaks1 says:

mark can you do it with your built in flash?

ondrjan says:

Thank you Mark. You are doing such a great job!

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