Using a Ring Flash in the studio

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Wind Chime says:

6:53 wow!!!

bearbearblacksheep says:


Lorenzo Pickett says:

Mark I love you dude!! I met you back at The FStoppers party in NYC back in October!! Keep it coming!!

wolfan84 says:

Can you please give us a link for the parts that you use to attach the ringflash with the boom stand ?

LakerTriangle says:

I would have bought a ring flash if I saw this before.

toubie95 says:

11:46 so what is your favourite light in the studio?

snapfactory says:

I actually do a video about once a week. Check out AdoramaTV and snapfactory website for more updates. Also like me on FB to get all the updates: jmwarkwallace. I have a live show too – the link is in the video description.

gbpackerfan065 says:

Nice tut….
How many times did Sam change her clothes… LOL

instahype says:

Next One On One – Creative ways to use in camera flash!!!

naveed mughal says:

that indian babe is fit at 1:32

41stclair says:

right on  brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brodqga says:

Mark is so commited to his work and he shows up only when there’s some great things to share, not like youtube commercial “stars” which MUST make 2-3 vidios every week. TY Mark, keep up with the good work!

pef23 says:

Mark also has many videos on the “Adorama TV” channel, including the popular One on One series (which I think is also on snapfactory). Adorama has some great videos, but it also has some very mediocre stuff from other people. Look for the vids with Mark’s name in the title. I don’t know about subtitles.

ArjunGenius says:

click on the “CC” button down the right corner, click the ‘Translate Caption” and chose the language for the subtitles you want,

canoncameraphotography Eti says:

way to go Mark

MALITHA8 says:

Sam is just Sexy. You are the Super Hero Mate! Love the video. Thanks.

ngbrian1111 says:

Hot model, Mark!

Roy Auckloo says:

hi mark wat abt some tips on video recording via dslr cam, any experience u can share wiz us?

wolfeman351 says:

Google it? Huh, never would have thought of that???? DUH!!!!

cardi60 says:

Good vid Mark, did you use a light meter, and what settings were on your camera for that shoot.

Edreysin says:

Great video Mark, beautiful model.

Jacob delaRosa says:

Quick question: when using a ring flash as the on axis fill, do you generally work off of a lighting ratio or do you just shoot to taste?

harrybean2006 says:

No wat to take a “bad” photo of Sam;-)

porschepanamera92 says:

This channel, which has more than 200 vids, is imo one of the best of its kind on youtube. If there are things that you don’t understand, just google it. Wikipedia or other sites will go in depth about those things, if they are not explained in the videos itself. That’s the way I learned everything on my own. 🙂

porschepanamera92 says:

Well, hello gorgeous! :p

wolfeman351 says:

I see you do a vid about once a year. Do you have another channel? Does anyone here know a channel that has subtitles? My wife is an amature photographer and would love these videos but without subtitles they are not very usefull. Thanks all

Eirik Havre says:

I will (probably) never do studio photography like this. But I still find these videos interesting. The slight chromatic aberration, from the lens they used to film this, was a little distracting though.

Julian Apostate says:

Is she fit or what?

Ameen Ali says:

u stole it from my mouth =D

Gavin poh says:

Nooooo…. everytime i see a review from you mark.. i Want it! Great Vid as always, hope you keep uploading, we’ve missed you lately!

Eirik Havre says:

Holy cow, almost forgot that you guys exist! (Not really =P)

msscrz says:

Hey Mark, nice upload….

Leon Sidik says:

First, great video Mark!

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