Using a Flash in the Sun: Ep 226: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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Buy Mark’s Studio Lighting DVD: In this week’s episode Mark answers the question, “Why are you using a flash when shooting outside in bright sunlight?”


David Kirwin says:

Excellent lesson, most informative, easy going delivery and a pretty model helps! Like the outtakes too! Thanks.

masabuhog says:

Cool what is her name?

linamhincapie says:

I love the way you explain….. thank you so much!!!!!

Jeezker says:

mark walrus

LivinOnLaughter says:

@ 1:53 totally dark FAIL
I see head lights

2mnyshp says:

Thanks! BTW, you look like Chris Elliott!

86MrTom says:

this guy is a genius. thanx.

barrybuttery says:

Model = superrr hot!

Limezik says:

Or a reflector …?

fj4life7r says:

i liked the video because she was in it =)

Dick Daily says:

Mark Snapfactory at ModelMayhem needs nudes. This chick is also on Model Mayhem.

Fluvance says:


SunDevilAngels1 says:

I can shoot in all natural bright SUN LIGHT with no problems

ChadMcC01 says:

*CTS (or some fraction)

ChadMcC01 says:

Would you ever gel your flash with CYS or CTO outside?

TheDx917 says:

yeah same !! I watched all the new episodes where she was featured but I cant figure it out either !! 😛

terenas1986 says:

can’t figure out her name.. Mark says it, but i’m not familiar with it or never heard it before.. o.O

Hunter Davis says:

Very nice tips! 🙂

Visual Produções Visual Produções says:

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LightSubscriber says:

in camera.

LightSubscriber says:

High Speed Shutter Sync. Check your camera manual on how to set it.

Jsfilmz says:

Mark freaking awesome videos. Thanks so much! What mode were you using during the last photo? Were you in program mode?

Jenny Warga says:

It comes with any apple computer… garage band lol.

Takeliner says:

The song starting at 2:01 is used by DigitalRevTV as well. Does anyone can tell me the name of this catchy tune or where tu buy it, if it is not composed for Youtube photography channels only^^

mokphoto says:

i am glad that the snapfactory is so popular on youtube.
but it is very hard to get there especially for new channels.
although everyone is writing ‘check out my channel’ i think you really should do that and i do that aswell because the videos might be really good although no one is watching them.
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Jewell Bunch III says:

nice video i love yell videos very great information and advice thanks i would love to see a video about doing a fashion shoot at a grave yard, or a fashion photo shoot at night with speedlights or strobes also do a graffiti shoot at mid day great video thanks again

DAVAIO says:

the FP sync, is that in the flash or in the camera?

Sagun Khatri says:

Can you please add this episode to iTunes please?

amPro7 says:


pplovesall says:

its just a superb information…thankx sir.


Last shot was an awful example.

mopinia says:

Change your FP to Auto FP for high-speed sync.

Jeffrey Lai says:

When you are using the on camera flash during your last shoot, the flash looks very hard, is there anyway to make the light softer?

dreamerofnights says:

lol I like it

Arroyave Carlos says:

ISO 100, kit lenses, AV mode 5.6f

ciramp says:

can you do 1/4000 sync speed with Speedlite 430EX II or just with 580EX II?

emetronic says:

Hi Mark, could you please show us a non expensive and easy method to calibrate pc screens?
Thank you and keep up the good work!
Silvio from Italy.

Arroyave Carlos says:

I have tried to take a picture like mark at 5:49 with the popup flash and everything is very bright, I have tried at diferent distances but I have the same result, super bright image, I have a 600D what am I doing wrong?

azadgyi says:

Great video’s Mark. Could you let me know what mode you use the flash in? Manual or E-TTL?

gilegraam says:

nikons do it better since you don’t see any curtains at max sync speed unlike canon with which you need to use around 160. nad yeah 250 is enough, just use higher aperture.

IngloriousSob says:

duh, why would anyone wanna photograph something ugly?

Uscbryan949 says:

Funny, all the models always have odd names. BTW the d7000 has a 1/250 sync. But still not fast enough outdoors in bright light

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