Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer with Gene Higa – Part I

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intheworkseg6 says:

Im confused…he said he had those cards with his packages on them $995, $1295 , $1595, and he said he sold a ton of the 1595 packages but he didnt make anything? I understand there is over head but how can you not make anything if your doing 2-4 weddings a month for $1600……….Iv had a few paid jobs but am still trying to understand the business side of photography

Alpha Male says:

It’s just the couch.

heattherm says:

It’s a fart!

RealDealRC Man says:

Ryan Higa’s father

Jas Panag says:

Who is “borrowlenses?”
Two people I know already “like” them.
Is this what is known as social-networking?
Do you have them as an ad on your video purposefully?
Conducting this interview is stellar. I wish you continued success.
Kung Hei Fat Choi.

kurtz905 says:

wheres the amazon link???

Pedro Bento says:

no. thats the noise that the couch does when someone gets up because its leather.

Dinahhs3 says:

Thanks really enjoyed this ….can u link his website pls

trigahappyroy says:

I can’t thank you enough for this video. The amount of tips and tricks in here is priceless. I would hug you both if you were in the UK. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Zachary Price says:

This was a great interview and I enjoyed this a lot. I’m a web developer/designer with a strong passion for photography, and contemplating starting a business with my wife. There’s a ton of useful information in this, thanks for sharing.

PJ Pantelis says:

this was so good!

1gmarquez says:

did he fart 21:00 – 02 ? ha

Pye Jirsa says:

Yup yup, getting the info, it will be posted soon.

kingalias says:

I think he means Yongnuo (triggers and flashes)

CharlieArgon says:

hey great video! thanks!

Cesar Chavez says:

Where are the links???

You guys said you are going to share the links where to buy the cheap SLAVE flashes and the 8octagon softbox…..Please share it with us..


z49erman says:

what is ser?

gbanto says:

loved it.. thanks a ton.. 🙂 

bear2986 says:

Ha i use yongnuo wireless triggers get in

Kamo7s says:

Thanks for this video, Pye! I’m trying to get my photography business off the ground and there’s a lot of great information here. Can’t wait for part 2!

Ernest Santos says:

very inspiring and enlightening :)

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