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www.dslrfilmnoob.com There are many new audio devices being released for DSLR film makers. One of the latest is the Juicedlink DS214. The DS214 is considered the part of Juicedlink’s Value line. At about a quarter of the price of Juicedlink’s flagship model, the DT454, you can pick the DS214 up for about $144 on amazon or B&H. www.bhphotovideo.com As far as audio quality goes, juicedlink products are top notch. The only real complaint I have is the design. The 1/4 20 hole is in a rather awkward location, and the included audio cable is very short. I used my makerbot to build an adapter that makes the mounting a lot easier. You can find out more about that here: wp.me Over all, I think the Juicedlink DS214 is a handy tool. Equipment used in this video: Canon 7d & t2i Zoom h1 Canon 35mm f1.4 Sigma 30mm f1.4 Sennheiser G2 wireless mic CPM film tools rig


Justin Rucker says:

Automatic Gain Control.

onelonedork says:

very good.

Justin Rucker says:

how does this thing sound when used as a mixer and ran through a Zoom H1?

Yoshi Fujiwara says:

I’m using FCP X and I don’t see a “left fill” function to deal with AGC disabled tracks. How is this done on FCP X? Any help would be much appreciated.

InfiniteWishesPro says:

Can I buy one of those 3d printed mounts from you?

Nicolas Savaria says:

Im noob, whats agc?

Nosmo King says:

I don’t think JuicedLink would appreciate the comment that they have mistaken line level for mic level. But I’ll let them off the hook. No, they are comparing their mic level output to the Sound Devices mic level output. The difference probably is that they have ‘juiced up’ their mic level in trying to match it to the camera’s sensitivity. In actual fact if you disable the AGC in these cameras you are virtually left with a line level input.

onelonedork says:

I wouldn’t say that they don’t know their audio. It’s that they are trying to comparing line level and mic level equipment, it’s a pretty easy mistake to make.

Nosmo King says:

JuicedLink did a JuicedLink Vs Sound Devices MixPre-D in a YouTube vid. where they wrongly claimed that the MixPre-D balanced mic output was “padded down quite a lot”. Any audio engineer will tell you that the MixPre-D’s -37dbu is quite beefy compared to mic signals that can be -60dbu. Prob is the camera’s input sensitivity, in which case you can always use the balanced line/mic outputs. And it’s not designed for ‘long runs’ as they claim. Obviously the JuicedLink guys don’t know their audio

onelonedork says:

I own two of them. They’re handy little pre-amps, though I wish the control knobs were bigger.

Nosmo King says:

You will notice that most JuicedLink YouTube videos have “comments disabled”. So they apparently don’t like any honest feedback. So would you buy this product?

Nosmo King says:

Agree. I even say clipped. Something is not working correctly here.

onelonedork says:

You are correct sir.

Dustin Wegner says:

7D Firmware update 2.0 coming in August!!

Videoinfinitum says:

What if i have Magic Lantern update?

picklecatcus says:

YIPPEE it does, im good to go! thanks!!!!

onelonedork says:

As long as it has a microphone input, you should be good to go.

onelonedork says:

Yes there is a built in headphone jack.

TentativeTitlePro says:

Is there a headphone jack at all? I need to figure out how I can hear my audio while recording.

picklecatcus says:

will this work with a Sony A65/A77?

kellyakakells says:

Dude i just had to subscribe to your channel, not because of the outro; which is funny, but because your videos are very informative and the quality is bad out of this world.

mystickid1 says:

Inormative thanks. How come your audio without the juiced link sounds worse.

what did you record with before the JL?

supercooled says:

What’s the point of attaching the Rhode mic and the juice box together? Isn’t it redundant?

newbiecam says:

Dude, Your So Professional !!!

onelonedork says:

Automatic Gain control. It adjusts the Volume level of the camera based on the signal that is coming it. If it doesn’t “hear” anything AGC turns the volume all the way up and gives you horrible hiss.

RobotsPiratesNinjas says:

What is AGC disable anyways?

mogulkey says:

could you possibly post the design for that hot shoe mount thing? I have a makerbot and would like to try it out.

Luk3LiveTV says:

Is there anyway you can do a review of this product The XLR2-HD from studio1productions

onelonedork says:

It’s on the list.

ewavemedia says:

I love you man. You’ve got some of the best reviews I’ve ever seen on youtube. But you’ve got to get rid of that end subscribe thing. Just pump out a new one real quick. Anything is better than the one you’ve got on there. Holy Lord. 😀

illuminousguru says:

Am I the only one who’s hearing the DISTORTION on the AGC disabled recording?

Audio is less harsh and more natural without the JL, in my opinion.

BakerPhotographyNC says:

Awesome adapter. Any ideas for someone without a makerbot?

MeccaVideoPro says:

Your audio without the Juiced Link is far better. the JL audio is very toppy and brittle sounding. Another downside to the AGC disabler is that it kills one track of audio, so you can only record with one mic, kind of defeats the purpose of a stereo input.

jangyman says:

…I mean live performances as a stand-alone audio recorder on mic stand or platform.

jangyman says:

ingenious ideas for configurations!

jangyman says:

I’ve got the H2 and I would say that the four-way mic upright configuration is better suited for live performances – I would much rather mount an H1 or H4 on a camera.

zgogor says:

hi all,
the compression ratio/Thresold seems to be very important, too much for me, the sound is too compressed, not very ” natural “.
4 leds segments , not enough
30db gain, not a lot
no 48volts, pity

Can be a usefull piece of gear fro beginners.

You should have mentionned a direct mic output, can be usefull.

There is more “sound” video test from you M.DSLR FILM NOOB and that is very good !


GorgovichStudios1 says:

the zoom h1! More functions/options and in my opinion better. Check out some of the rode videomics though.

Даниил Кауров says:

as always thx

Jed Darlington-Roberts says:

would you recommend this over the zoom h1 or not?

Snakekilla12 says:

where did you buy your Sennheiser G2 wireless mic?

samuraiking31 says:

great video as always

Olphus says:

Do any of the Tascam DR05 or Zoom H1 have gain control?

RcSkyFlier says:


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