Wedding Photo FAQ’s & Meet My Photographer!

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Fleur talks to her wedding photographer John Alexander about how to find the best photographer for you. – John’s Website: Follow John on Twitter: WHERE ELSE TO FIND US: Be sure to check out our WEDDING BLOG: There’s new content going up every single day! Twitter Facebook: Instagram: bridedeforce You can also follow Fleur for BEAUTY bits and pieces: Youtube: Blog: Twitter Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.


Andrea LeonChu says:

The bloopers were the highlight of my day! I was wondering why his face had turned a totally different shade lol

viczai says:

maybe she’s getting a discount cause she’s basically doing a huge advertisement for him being in the video and all with thousands of views…

eehsiuqs says:

ooohhh!!! The server for his site is overloaded! 😀 You can tell we all loved him too.

FloralClover says:

How much was it?

LittleMissGleek456 says:

Lol, same here 🙂

Christy R says:

i like him! wish i could import him for my wedding v_v sigh..

Samantha Hayley says:

Aww he seemed so cool! Loved the photos they were so edgy and unique.

27chriii27 says:

i havent seen you with your hair tied for ages…
cant wait to see your wedding pics

MrRabbit989 says:

@skvwuiv you are correct. this is really fantastic. and i can tell u , i really got shocked when i receive my maybelline beauty kit without any dime @ my home yesterday. you can also get it from here >

James Griffin says:

Fleur is paying an incredible amount for him was just with my cousin as she is getting married and found the package Fleur is getting. I dont care what they say fleur is rich aha !

Beth Stoneman says:

literally can’t wait to see Fleur’s photos!

Ayesha Begum says:

Love the bloopers!

StacysObsession says:

John is kinda cute! Is he single? 😉

Rwissam1987 says:

I LOVE the color on your nails, what is it?
Please please please fleur tell us!

cherrygirl016 says:

I laugh at all these vides, cuz where I’m from, nobody has a year to plan a wedding! It’s usually about 2 to 3 months from the engagement till the wedding.

Ellie S says:


chocolatetears1995 says:

Even his name sounds fancy

loverslane29 says:

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Bturp1 says:

Your photographer does beautiful work! Your pictures are going to be fantastic!

bebunny92 says:

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apryl111 says:

Loved the bloopers!

Suteafunii says:

After your wedding you should do a review on how all of your choices turned out 🙂

polocub1429 says:

Fleur, you should get a videographer too! i just saw this video on youtube called “dead hearts wedding” you should look it up..the video is amazing and their wedding is so cute. i hope you are making a wedding video because i would love to watch it 🙂

VanchicOrganization says:

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raspberryfusion03 says:

I’ll marry the photographer please :)

deepa821 says:

Wow someone is bitchy! Get off ur high horse and stop talking crap over youtube ! Just stop!

cccheckmate says:

Why are you wearing a bib, fleur da horse?

Moriah Larson says:

That scarf looks like a large bib…..hmmm

1320rose says:

LOL at the bloopers!!

iamtrisarahtops says:

what a dead on bloke! i want him in about 6 years time haha!

loverslane29 says:

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Natalie S. says:

lol I now know who to hire when I get married (:

elschumann says:

This very helpful as I begin to think about my own wedding. As a photographer myself I agree with everything John has said 100%, especially meeting your photographer. You need to make sure they can handle the level of the event they are going to photograph. Weddings are a big deal, and unlike fashion photography you cannot redo a whole wedding.

SuperRachel22 says:

Not even getting married lol

janyka5 says:

what camera did you use please? and what lenses? the quality is amazing! thank you

princess12304 says:

he does sound like mike are they related

atisoy83 says:

Your photographer’s smile is captivating 🙂 he’s beautiful! And you miss Fleur are looking flawless. What foundation are you wearing ????????

Sabrina Dewald says:

i can’t wait to get married haha congrats fleur and mike 😀

AdorableJuicy says:

OMG! His photos are amazing!!! I’ll keep my eyes on you till my wedding (16 years now, so it will be a while xD) <3

Katie Douglass says:

I love that I watch this channel at 16 with no boyfriend and no plans to get married in the near future :L haha

Julia Horvath says:

being a wedding photographer is such a cool job wow

beckyaa100 says:

Were you two friends beforehand? You seem to get on really well!
Also, he’s sweet! I’d love him for my wedding photographer! hahaa

John Alexander says:

@Lippy lash yes John does do destination weddings! He did a wedding in Italy last year. e-mail him for pricing and more info.

BubblySaffy says:

whats the song in the background at the end?

Jason Brown says:

Nice to hear a customers take, there are a lot of videos on youtube about wedding photography but not many with a Bride interviewing her Photographer. Great work on the video you guys, I am a San Antonio Wedding Photographer,

Tabita Dabica says:

Somebody’s looking very fit 😉

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