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or copy the link – Wedding photography lighting equipment, kits and tips. AdoramaTV presents Flashpoint. This week Mark shows the Flashpoint 620M Wedding Portrait Monolight Kit and offers some great Wedding photography lighting tips. The 620M is a great studio lighting kit for beginners…


jsc974 says:

Great product Mark, just one question, is this available to purchase in the United Kingdom

124moviesiwatch says:

I don’t know the power output of these strobes, but yes you can use Westcott or other softboxes on these – you just need the proper speedring.

Best Wedding Dances says:

Hi Mark,

We added your video to our ‘wedding photographers’ playlist. 😀

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Pauline Simmers says:

You might also try Dizon Studios. They also create your images beyond amazing.

uPHALbra says:

rrright, you and 40 other people don’t know jack about anything and enjoy getting ripped off. you people are the reason why everything costs so much. you’re more money than brains!

jun ling says:

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Trent Hodge says:

Could someone tell me how I could connect both of these strobe lights to a canon 7d do when I push the shutter button on the camera it will take the image and ignite the flashes both at the same time … I’ve been told a pocket wizard would do this but can someone please explain how and what I need to do this type of set up

dwaynelofton says:

mark uses and endorses pocket wizards. they just released a new version that’s better and cheaper then the previous version.

Anthonyperez3 says:

Can you please tell what are some good wireless triggers ? Please would love to know

Jared Johnson says:

We really appreciate your knowledge. 

Jewell Bunch III says:

I was wondering wht power are them lights and can you use westcott softboxes and umbrellas with this kit

Jewell Bunch III says:

Cool video

smirkypants says:

I often travel internationally. Are those lights just 120V or can you use them on 220V as well?

0713547578 says:

Hello there, this is a very nice kit.

Ryan Roberts says:

Adorama’s customer service was very helpful in resolving the issue with the not included gels, barndoor etc and sent it out to me. This kit is excellent!! Helps me on the voyage towards better photographs. Thanks Mark.

Tiffylove00 says:

Wonderful!  Learning all I can, getting married June 2012!

Ryan Roberts says:

I went out and got one of these, ready to take my studio lighting to the next level. The equipment is as Wallace describes, good quality for the money. however the video is about a year old from the original recording and the content as advertised in the video is NOT what you would get it if you ordered it today.- the barn door, gels and grid are not included. A bit disappointing. Trying to resolve the issue with the vendor.

Lincoshop says:

Thanks for accepting my invitation.Just sub me back

trakmasters says:

this is a good kit, I bought them, but the one thing though is, the barn doors and grid are not included,. You do get a snoot and some color inserts and a grid for the snoot. And I think this is a re-run. OHHHHHH, and most importantly, the battery sucks! Once again the battery sucks, I bought one and it was replaced 3x’s . Still couldnt hold a charge. You plug them in and the monolights just beep

PstockL says:


JRTayl0r says:

really really … really really … really really nice

iFloridaAllStar says:

Thanks for the help….what’s the benefit of a full frame vs none?

DCuerpoJr says:

You don’t need a full frame DSLR to take professional pictures. And in many cases you can get by with just the kit lens until you can determine what type of photography you want to specialize before investing in high quality lenses, strobes, filters and additional accessories.

Remember, what matters most is your “eye” for composing and taking pictures.

joeyjoiner14 says:

@iFloridaAllStar, I use full frame, but you really don’t HAVE to. A good lens, good light (strobe or natural) and good composition are the basics for good photography.

joeyjoiner14 says:

Great deal. I have Elinchrom 500 BXRi monolighhts but still would like to have this set. Super value, especialy for beginners.

iFloridaAllStar says:

Is it necessary to have a full frame dslr to take professional pictures or could one get away with a dx such as a d7000 and great lens? Anyone pls help…

Shedrick Flowers says:

I am agreeing, the honesty about the dislikes really makes this a great review.

Snakekilla12 says:

I love you mark!

michaelchimera says:

Nobody ever mentions Alien Bees transmitter/receivers which are smaller but just as durable than Pocket Wizards. I do wish I hadn’t bought digital strobes so I could do DC battery packs outdoors but my Interfit EXD 200’s were far cheaper than the ones Mark is showing.

stseely1 says:

they aren’t going to do reviews on stuff they don’t sell.

harrybean2006 says:

Can you do a review of Paul C. Buff Einstein lights?

Orlando Zavier says:

Isn’t the Westcott Strobelite Three Monolight Kit, with Three “FREE” Westcott Softboxes & Adapter Rings better and for the same price? Here it offers 3
monolights instead of 2.


for a kit like this you would expect a battery

residentflea says:

great review Mark. Keeping it honest–but all-in-all it’s a good solid product and the price point is perfect.

Marcus Johnson says:

How do these compare to alien bees?

zygote peyote says:

Never says the wattseconds…wonder why Mark?

avenger516 says:

we saw this one already……re-run lol

MrCoolAttitude says:

Didn’t I see that before ? What’s happening ?

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