Wedding Photography Tips

or copy the link – if you are an amateur who would like to shoot weddings and other ceremonies, then you will have to face that you carry a lot of responsibility when covering important events. There is usually no room for failure or you might make some people very, very unhappy. That’s why I suggest you check out wedding photography tips from seasoned pro’s and from amateurs like myself and you put those into practise. May as a second shooter at first or maybe on smaller events. But if you are a risk taker and you jump into your first wedding shoot without prior practise on similar events, then you absolutely should take all of those tips into account. Check the unphotoshopped results of the wedding shoot featured in the video on I wish you good light! — Michael


Dan Carpino says:

…” to help others”…..a trait innate.

MrCrystiToma says:

Hi, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you will find a good free video featuring how to shoot better photographs. This helped Joe to create photos which leave you with a wow-effect any time you take a look at them. Hopefully it works for you too.

Allegra Laney says:

Afternoon! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My work buddy Catalina made some mind blowing photography with their video lessons.

Patrick de Vleeschauwer says:

As allways very informative , thank you.
one question, i saw you had a color gel on the flash, which was that?

SignalNeverFades says:

Fantastic video! I learned quite a bit. Thank you!

Best Wedding Dances says:

Hi Michael,

We added your video to our ‘wedding photographers’ playlist. 😀

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Paul Dewey says:

“if you are an amateur who would like to shoot weddings and other ceremonies”….. and that is where this all should have ended. If your an ‘amateur’ and you want to ‘shoot weddings’…. DON”T! How would this sentence sound “If your an amateur and would like to start doing heart surgery on the weekend….. “

bibacomua says:

Thanks for your tips. But how do your flash works in ttl mode off camera? Thanks

DennisIsAMenace says:

I didn’t recognize Cousin Emily with her clothes on!

UncleRob199 says:

My tip for a first wedding would be: do a low key wedding first. I was very fortunate to have my first wedding job as a chilled out low key wedding, with only about 5 people there. That way you have more time, there are less people to photograph, and there is less stress. Ideal situation for somebody without the experience. It also helps when your client wants spontaneous looking portraits as well as planned poses. Then you can let your creativity out without everything being too over-organized.

jamesdean8425 says:

Great tips, thanks!!!

jamesdean8425 says:

Very good tips, thanks!

bobnevin says:

michael your videos are a really great help. thanks for sharing. very kind of you.. Your shots are great too by the way, and the models amazing 😉

Preston House says:

Great tips but I’m staying away from weddings. 🙂

Mary Retoucher says:

thank you.. Interesting video.

flipteezy says:

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johir25 says:

Hi there, do you know “MagicSFXphoto” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a great free video showing how to make brilliant pictures. This helped Matt to shoot photographs which have a jaw-dropping-effect while you look at them. I hope it will help you also.

startphotography says:

Brilliant. Thank you :)

rubyrock2 says:

Wow thanks this was super helpful!

manuelercilla says:

Great video with a lot of usefull tips. Thank you

deltavisio says:

thank you! excellent video. that was really kind of you giving all those advices! thanks again! dave

Farout5150 says:

Great video! Thanks for your efforts – they are always very useful.
I am curious about your choice of lens.
If you had to choose (2) favorite lenses to use for a wedding,
what would you choose?
Thanks & keep up the great work!!


Gyurza says:

Thank you Cousin Michael, you are freaking awesome.. You remind me of Jens Voigt my favorite rider in the Peloton.
5 Stars for you

Frederick Jones says:

Great tutorial…. but my only question is….. What white balance do you shoot in for a situation like this? should i do a custom or what?

GigantGatlingGun says:

what lens are good for wedding/ball photography?

Tristankeithful says:


MrBlofeld007 says:

Great video, Can I ask what is the filter you have on your flash?. Thanks

James Balagtas says:

very nice tip

jorgegomezromero says:


MotoDareDevil says:

You sound like Bruno

carlreno2 says:

Thanks, Great tutorial, your information is invaluable and I have picked up so many tips from you. What is the white balance you are setting on your camera?
Keep up the great work Thanks again.

Dave Bousfield says:

Some good tips here, will help you prepare for your first shoot

martybop says:

Thanks. Some good common-sense tips there. I will use them on Monday for my first wedding shoot. Here goes…………..

UnitedByPhotography says:

Very flashy intro but the tips are very useful also the assistant tip is great. The monopod, umbrella and strobe light tip very good. ETTL/Auto tip very good for using flash.

UnitedByPhotography loves this.

vadimggg says:

Thank you very much for the tips! Can you please do some tips on most important points and poses and how to go about doing ceremony shoot in small church (probably with limited light) .

Surirygirl says:

Thank you for te tips. I am doing my first wedding shoot tomorrow!

Nico6688 says:

@demonfrog1776 That makes no sense at all.

Nico6688 says:

Very nice tips. Thank you!

idro2k says:

First video i’ve watched from this guy!!! WHAT A NICE GUY!

MrJorgemana says:

very nice. I like the way you describe each moment

BestCODnoob says:

thanks for the help


Hey dude,

your pronounciation sounds so German, please go ahead with your English!

Nishant Patel says:

brilliant vid- thank you!

Question, whats the model of the clamp you are using between the monopod and the flash gun? ive found several that work between a light stand and flash, but nothing from the monopod to flash- helps appreciated!

siulsomar17 says:

This is the first video I saw which discuss what to do one your 1st wedding gig .Great tips and I like your work . thank you for sharing

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MEllO3789 says:

Nice one mate

JohnsterSI says:

im pretty nervous for my first wedding photo shoot.. i allready did one once before but that wuz for my colleague… now i’m gonna do it for other people which is makin me nervious!

but i love the tip you gave on the business cards and writing down the number of the pic on it and hand them the photo! i like that!

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