DSLR Basics: Stops and Metering

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www.photoextremist.com In this photography video tutorial you will learn how your DSLR camera references light as “stops”, how it meters light to give you the aperture, shutter speed, ISO values, and how adjusting any of those settings to your liking in certain situations can give you a better image than relying on luck (Full AUTO mode with no further adjustments) 100% of the time.


Actor Rahman says:

good explaining about Stops and Metering

luckybait says:

You are a good teacher. Thank You!!! You can make a living at this and playing the drums. Do a course and entertain with a little drum work!!!

Telmo de Souza says:

13:17 do you can telll me what’s the settings that you use? tx.

Ricus Nortje says:

Hi. What settings would you recommend in the following situation: taking shots of a MMA fight, generally low light, fast action and spot metering doesn’t work because sometimes you need to focus on a spot where the fighters will be in the next second when they strike so don’t have a subject to ‘meter’?

Angelika Heidi says:

Evening! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My friend Dan made some amazing pics with their video lessons.

jimmyjamjar10101 says:

@Nouvelli Page Spec sheet and optics chart

Nouvelli Page says:

At 2:39, you mentioned that your will adjust your F.STOP to 8 because it’s the sharpest point of your lens. How do we determine what is the sharpest point of any lens, hummm.

buyselltrade9 says:

what kind of camera is that?

SDG977 says:

Hi I love your video.I’m using D5000, So how could we find metering?

rosildinhaminque says:

You’re excelent, guy! 😉

mkayreagan says:

Love your videos, and you cat too. Just ordered my first DSLR today!

Amritansh Bhardwaj says:

I would suggest you Canon because I find it more worth it. Canon has more accessories then Nikon 2nd Nikon accessories are more expensive then Canon. There otherwise no big difference between the two. Rest which ever you find more conv. with you.

Rakesh Satpathy says:

Super like. Can increase my budget for DSLR. Thanks

UncleRob199 says:

Canon users: Remember the exposure indicator is reversed, compared to the one in this video, for you, left is darker and right is brighter

pingerrain says:

This video really made me understand more about the functions. It is more clear than all my other photographer friends trying to explain these stuff to me.

I hold a Canon 60D and I still am able to apply to my own camera functions.
Looking forward to more tutorials. Thanks!

Louis Rocher says:

I want buy a camera about £130, 200$.
What advise me to do, what do you think about the bridge cameras ?
Thank you for reply !

khorinne says:

hi, how can i purchase your ebook if i dont have credit card?

Spyinak says:

Where have you been all my life?? Geez, I have taken numerous photo classes but I learned more in this short video than I did in hours of mind numbing classes. THANK YOU!

Erick Widjaya says:

hi,i like to ask u about metering on sony camera…

ThisIsJoy jj says:

What does it cost to get the inf. you talk about in the vid?
I’m doing portraits and I want them to be perfect and I really liked this vid!

soulblis says:

Brilliant! … so far this is da best video xplaining metering in detail wif easy to undertsand examples. Great job man…. thx 🙂

PhotoExtremist says:

I don’t think that one has as much power as the LP160

minahilnoor says:

I have a question! I bought your ebook and you’ve listed the lumopro as a cheaper alternative speedlight for the SB-900. Please let me know whether the YONGNUO YN565EX Flash Speedlight is also another good cheap alternative or not. Thanks! love your videos!

acmav289 says:

I would have still shot at F8(or 5.6 minimum) on the handheld shot and bumped up the ISO extremely high and hopefully compensate with that. With today’s PP software noise can be reduced a TON, decent lighting helps out noise performance as well.

Shams Al-Khazraji says:

Bought my first camera today, watched all your videos for people such as myself and I can say I learned much in such a short time, really happy you made these videos. Thank you.

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