DSLR Photography Basics: Understanding Your Camera

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A short clip on how a DSLR functions, shooting modes, etc.


EXPERT9402 says:

very helpful. would like more though.

Adelheid Hanna says:

Hi! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My buddy Bellinda made some stunning photos with their photography tutorials.

slowe559 says:

Great video. Would love for you to do one explaining even more basic functions like what is fstop, iso, ect. Ive got the same camera, What is attached to the bottom of the the camera your holding?

TobiasTechie says:

Thanks. This was very useful.

JohntheDrumBum says:

short and to the point.

freedumb32 says:

Very useful and clearly articulated. Thanks for this.


Great video, learned a lot from this.

Sovannvong1881 says:

hi, what kind of lens you use?

littlemish01 says:

Clear & easy to understand, thanks!

Rodrigo Zamora says:

thnx, I really needed this… simple enough now =]

babyhaines86 says:

Boo it cut off.

Denise Smith says:

Thanks good video and articulate

pcd07 says:

Helpful as I’m using my canon 450 . First slr !

ephraim gonzales says:

Nice summary of the modes! It sounds hard but it will sure help a lot. Thanks!

dukoduli says:

like if you think this guy is a monkey..

MrJohnShows says:

like if you have a canon

erika arango says:

very cool and easy to understand! your awesome <3 🙂

stephenpmulligan says:

agreed. great intro. is that nyc? 

Adoborama says:

@grizzle6 great tutortial and i like the video at 360p but still look HD. how was it done(rendered)? thanks.

sharkaaah says:

thanks, so far the best of what I’ve seen. It’s really good for beginners like me 🙂

philip2day1 says:

Very clear tutorial….thanks

TheSunHeaven says:

check my channel for a review on a dslr for those searching for the best dslr camera to get! 😀

Priscila Ueno says:

best tutorial ever….congratssssss

Jeremiah Ayala says:

Dude awsome video thanks alot

dreamynemesis says:

Thank you for your tutorial, as a newbie to DSLR photography, it has really helped me understand more about camera modes, and to not be afraid of playing around with manual 🙂

Beth Brent says:

very helpful. thank you very much!

HaRsHaD Patel says:

great vid. jus got my canon 600d n will try wht u told.. thnx

Josh Downey says:

What did you use to edit this?

Kristoffer Pence says:

awesome video dude. I like the fact that you use both Canon and Nikon. I use a Canon Rebel T3i, but I bought a 24-70 F/2.8 L Lens. Having a better lens is the way to go. the only downfall is high ISO noise, which i handle well with both noise reduction and my 50mm 1.4

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