How to Take Great Portrait Photos

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How to Take Great Portrait Photos


alex white says:

How to take great portraits: Dont listen to this video!

terenas1986 says:

*snifffs* .. smells that way!!

Rohin Joshi says:

Hi, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you will find a nice free video explaining the right way to make fantastic pictures. It made it easier for Daniel to make pictures which leave you with a jaw-dropping-effect while you take a look at them. I hope it works for you as well.

thetwinkleturnip says:


Azn Casioz says:

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YK Lam says:

This Video is not very professional.. I know it states at the start for amateurs, but still if you’re going to make a video, should consider using something better?, also wrong type of portrait lens, and most of all, i don’t really think those shots are “that” good, some under exposed and some over exposed, dont know if its just my computer screen…lol

Hoc Ly says:

Man, there’s room for both colored and b/w photos. However, shooting in JPEG B/W gives you a sense of ‘purist’ nostalgia that you would not otherwise get from simply changing your shots to B/W in PP. That’s why they created the Leica Monochrome. And that’s why I love shooting with my X100 in B/W for my street photography 🙂

Nick Runje says:

If you edit all your photos than you’ll understand

Gerrick Luna says:

i agree but that’s just a waste of time if you still need a computer to make black and white

Nick Runje says:

Don’t ever take photos in black and white, you can always do that on the computer.

Marcus Windmark says:

It is definitely strange in a video titled as “How to take great portrait photos” where they don’t even say what camera they uses. He’s using what seems like a Four Third-camera, making a 20mm lens act like 40 mm (there around) on a full frame camera 🙂

Bartyx164 says:

She looks like Lily from HIMYM

damonsalvatore74 says:

You ruined this video for me.

Kelsey Anne-Marie says:

I want a camera now for christmas.

MaxSynths says:

I think you have to search for better stuff. Hannah Montana is not porno LOL 😀

Herbarii Cokov says:

Hi, have you heard about “Photo SFXart Tricks” (google it)? On their website you will find a great free video showing the way to take awesome photos. This made it possible for Matt to take pictures that have that wow-effect when you take a look at them. Hopefully it works for you also.

seacomkolkata says:

The girls looks like Missy Martinez! Thumbs up,if you wanna see this chick look a like getting banged!

nAcolz says:

And yeah, shoot in RAW, if you have a decent lens you can make the photo look extremely sharp in post production (eg. in Lightroom) which is what most people look for in portrait pictures.

ICOD73 says:

and don’t forget to shoot in RAW

kbudiarto says:

I think she said natural light is always more flattering.

aneasyloginname says:

you mean…sounds like a porno

GlobalSM says:


Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord – GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST, our GOD

Patrick Riley says:

i mean ivee seen people shoot with 300mm without the face looking distorted. so i mean its not really that big of a deal i shoot between 50 and 120 tho

oliviarockz123 says:

Very good x Really helped me Thanks so much!

Kcacademy100 says:


thank u

Arnold Watson says:

This young lady is GORGEOUS! The photo techniques were interesting as well 🙂

MarkNetherlands1 says:

great video, but fu*k what a cute girl, here smile does melt me

WWpictures100 says:

What the sun is always more flattering!!? No the sun looks bad unless your shooting during golden hour

shangen91 says:

Never have the subject facing the sun.

TejeshwarTaneja says:

See the pictures at 3:28

The face has been distorted. And the ideal length for portraits is more like 85mm to 135mm (on full frame).. (this is the range that gives the most natural and flattering perspective.)

Maybe you should try a fisheye lens for portraits.. you could get really artistic results.. 😛

TejeshwarTaneja says:

20mm pancake lens for portrait?! (Yeah, if you want to make a whacky photo with a distorted face with a fat nose and small ears!)

banhotsu says:

dude, depends on what you want.

jtgmedia says:

lol, this was funny

tasnim anik says:

Hey there, are you familiar with “PhotoSFXart” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you will find a nice free video explaining how you can make amazing photos. This made it easier for Daniel to make pictures which leave you with a jaw-dropping-effect while you take a look at them. Hopefully it will help you as well.

UnderlinedDesigns says:

@Cissurz Wrong.

Cissurz says:

wrong tips. shadows on the face are not cool

SeeSeeCat says:

I think that only applies in strip bars

SeeSeeCat says:

no, I don’t think so, but the music could be porn music….not that I would know

Juan Fregoso says:


ahighnoonduo says:

this video looks like a porno

Lincoshop says:

Depth of Field and Lens effects.

jun ling says:

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xSLWRTHNUx says:

So many wrong tips in here. Good tips for “newbies” but I’ll stick to my own techniques.

DjakDesign says:

f4 is far from good?! Are you kidding me? Compare sharpness of 1.4 and 4.0 Lens…

RicardoSS85 says:

If you want a good DOF, the ideal for portrait is 60mm or 70mm focal length, not 40mm like in this video. Secondly, stay away from Micro 4/3 cameras; you need at least an APS-C sensor (although full-frame cameras are your best choice, evidently). And an f4.0-5.6 lens is far from a good choice, either.

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