Manual Exposure Mode Tutorial, EASY way! DSLR Photography using Nikon D7000 Beginner Lesson

or copy the link (Budget Equipment) A Manual Mode Photography Tutorial to balance the exposure.


18vallancel says:

I have a sudden urge to go out and buy a can of Pepsi…

Prvoslav Vojinovic says:


Hamza K says:

ummmm i cant the metering meter like this on in my d90. do i need switch on some option to get to see it? thanks

ThatOneKidThatSkis says:

Thanks! Also are you endorsed by pepsi?

zawmin7365 says:

Thanks for the awsome videos

jveneno7 says:

i am a begginer on photography and try to lern as much i can so i like your video and it was really helpful …thanks

hajeh says:

that was very useful , thank you!

Sandeep Prasad says:

That was really helpful…very informative. Thanks!!

meshed1234 says:

Wow your command on the subject is incredible… And it’s even more amazing that you’re helping beginners like me out for free… Tks bro god bless you 🙂

Ally Kaminski says:

Wow, I agree, you are really helping alot. Thank you so much.

Silkara78 says:

That’s not true it does, I’ve seen it. Are you sure you’re looking in the right spot?

Silkara78 says:

Would it be safe to say you could underexpose to get that sharpness and then just lighten it in Photoshop or Photofiltre?

ranashok says:

awesome videos, thanks for uploading

mitchygirl11 says:

my problem too!

mitchygirl11 says:

Great video!

milsimaustralia says:

The bar is there after depressing to focus.

Zinab Hassan says:

Click on the button that has a star above it on the up right and it will be displayed =)

tri0121 says:

The Canon T4i does not display any bar on the manual mode for exposure. I’m a beginner so please tell me how to know if the picture will be have the right exposure in a T4i.

cindy abegail wrobel says:

wow!!!thumbs up for u!…how i wish i watched this video before we went to the snow so i wont have those underexposed and overexposed photos….youre the best!….

cindy abegail wrobel says:

HI im new on this photography thing…and so far i am enjoying and learning from your vid tutorials…is there any way that i could have a full copy of you tutorial?…
by the way i have the canon 60d with lenses 18-55mm and 55-250 mm…im still planning to but the lenses for 50mm…am i getting the good type/set of lenses?thanks!…

KeebRocks says:

You are an extremely talented teacher! These videos are packed full of information and yet very fun to watch! Thank you!!

MegaBojan1993 says:

Quick question : Is there a way to make the D7000 show the ISO value at all times in the viewfinder?

Jeanette Torres says:

Thank you for this video, This was one of my concern of metering.. learning each day with you..

sojourner829 says:

You mention your other videos on aperture, etc. Where are they. How about some links. I sure can’t find them.

aikiman7 says:

Thank you very informative and simply explain and demonstrated.

mitra4111 says:

what Lens you got in this vdo ?

CanecaProductions says:

Thanks to this video, now I know what the light meter EV bar is and how to control my exposures. All my images are spot on as far as exposure! Thank you for that! 🙂

CanecaProductions says:

Dude! Thanks for this Video!!!

Dinahhs3 says:

More pls….very helpful

PhotographersOnUTube says:

You must not fall below the minimum shutter speed. So if you have enough room to reduce the shutter speed you can do that OR you can mess with aperture instead. Watch my video on DSLR camera settings for Outdoor shoots. It breaks things down.

chrismeetsguitar says:

okay so if i decrease the aperture and increase the shutter speed to get the light meter aligned, would that have the same effect as doing the reverse? my question i guess is why change one and not the other? like is it better to change the aperture or the shutter speed to get the light meter aligned. what’s the difference?

SS DK says:

Thank for a very good review, on M-mode
Watch my videos too-:)

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