North Light Portrait Photography Tutorial

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Learn How to Photograph a Portraits using North Facing Window


chethan suresh says:

awesome..thank you very much real tutorial, more practical less speech. 

Catherine Hayes says:

Evening! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My cooworker Paula made some extraordinary photos with their video lessons.

crudmonkeysales says:


quagpwn says:

r u high?

Harnish Patel says:

it seems u have have used some kind of reflector.. ur other side of body is illuminated…

LearnMyShot says:

i feel the crop should feel right. And that sort of becomes personal. I went with more off centered composition, but there is no right or wrong…

danielsliz says:

Hi Robert. First of all – every your tutorial is superb! For this one i have a question that doesn’t let me go 😉 – Why did u cut your elbow in the final composition? Would it be more “relaxing” with a little space on your right?

LearnMyShot says:

I restarted the server .. should be fine now. thanks !

MyHatIsGreen says:

Your blog is down?

rootor2311 says:

what camera with which lens are you using?

Stuart g says:

good video. You should get yourself a remote, as a well done present, would save u getting up all the time.

MrKhubilai says:

love the video, thank you for a wonderful job!!

ijayasinn says:

You should consider using an infrared (IR) remote control if your camera supports it. You can get an aftermarket one from Amazon for around $5. I have used it with a Canon T2i and a 60D without any problems.

If your camera does not support IR, another option is a wireless (radio) remote shutter release, but that will cost a minimum of $25.

MnnnM1 says:

Just love all of your work! keep up : )

LearnMyShot says:

you can place any graphic object / paper in the place where face is going to be focus on it and switch the camera to manual focus, have fun

kaisar1 says:

how’d you manage to pre focus the camera on your body or face? Im asking this because you are sitting a little far from your desk and objects on it. Even if you had focused it on the chair you’ve been sitting on, it still wudnt be as sharp as it showed in the final results.

please elaborate on this

franmol01 says:

really interesting. thank you very much. first time I ever heard of north light.

Marko Paovica says:

Great video! Thank you!

waryu69 says:

cud’ve used a remote shutter

Sara Coffey says:

Thanks Robert for another great video! I would like you to show us how to do that dramatic lighting often used for men where one side of the face or body is dark.

Chris Ward says:

A great video, Love the hat 🙂 thank you for posting this.

LearnMyShot says:

we are like brothers, lol

bivboy10 says:

John Wayne used to wear ahat like that,are you related?

beastyfb says:

wow you did good posing! Thanks for the video 🙂

videogangstar says:

is the chopped of hat at the top ok in a portrait?

LearnMyShot says:

I agree. I did a sepia version but after the fact, you can see on the blog, just hit the link in description

fpsanders123 says:

who use 2 second shutter to take portrait ?

mrN3w7 says:

I think a Sepia effect would of work better then black and white.
Nice lesson – thanks!

jungle880 says:

Thanks a lot, always look here for inspiration

LearnMyShot says:

shot with 2 cameras. one for stills one for video

dave em says:

Thank you for presenting these videos. I particularly like the fact you show each building block to create the image.

TaurusPresents says:

The pictures are different than during the shooting of the film. It seems that it can not be shot simultaneously. Do own just one camera?

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