Photomatix Tutorial for Windows

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Tutorial created by HiLo Media – This is a tutorial for HDRSoft’s Photomatix Pro for Windows. It is software that helps create HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. Available at


TheCrazyheat says:


dslaviero81 says:

Dee tail

masteircheef says:

What you can do is if you have a camera with this feature, there will be something called “ae bkt ev steps” which takes a high , low and normal exposure pictures.

hdrphotolover says:

try this site it helps alot ””

hdrphotolover says:

try this site it helps alot ””

tikkukko says:

Probably the best tutorial I’ve ever watched here on youtube! Thanks.

uwaysi says:

extremely neat presentation. keep it up!

ravearies says:

very detailed and informative! nice!!!!!

dannyday58218195 says:

– if you have a DSLR you should use apature priority mode – then you can set the camera to automatically take 3 shots at once – either by using the timer (2 seconds, 10 seconds, or remote control) or take the same shot 3 times – difficult to explain but you can tell the camera to take 3 shots at different exposures for you at the same apature – simple! (…easy to say when you know how huh?)

dannyday58218195 says:

i bought this programme and it is epic! …when you get it right… what it doesnt tell you is how hard it can be sometimes!

specially if you use different or high ISO’s – and that when you use the detail method sure you get loads of detail but it takes time and practice to get used to reducing noise created both from photos (either RAW or JPEG) and noise created from upping luminesance and detail

its dead easy once you know how though ive only had it 4 days and got some awsome results BUY IT!

Jay Gurung says:

thank you very much…………..

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alexander4115 says:

it is easier with HDR in my opinion but i think you can do a lot more things to your photos in ps. ps is more expensive then photomatix so if your only into hdr take photomatix

JayKayRause says:

you have to change your shutterspeed because this has no visual effect on the image ecept the exposure. if you would change your apperture, you would change the depth of field. and just leave all settings the same and just expose differently with the shutterspeed.
hope this helps 😉

craig cosue says:

I am a Truly a beginner, but i have one question on getting the different exposed shots. Which one do it change? the focal? the shutter speed? or ISO? please help. thank you.

Marre1995 says:

Great tutorial, Thanks!

Matthutchinson says:

thx mang

MyAndZ says:

You say ‘detail’ weird..

BrandonJFX says:

You can’t get as much control as a 3/5/7 Shot. But yes, you can.

arnoldgd84 says:

So for Raw Files you can just take one picture then generate HDR?

BrandonJFX says:


The more exposures you use, the More detail you can get. Also, the more control you can have over the results.

Or if you shoot in RAW format you can generate a single image HDR.

The2009rockstar says:

Do i have to get 3 pictures?

meltdownman1 says:

Anyone having problems performing HDR using Photomatix and the clouds are coming out in details that are washed out, too blue in color, grainy etc.? This seems to be a problem with clouds. I am not sure what is causing this effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Meltdownman

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yes xD

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