Photoshop Tutorial: Correct White Balance in Photoshop

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How to correct your white balance and remove colour casts in Photoshop and Lightroom providing you have used a grey/gray card as a reference in your photo. Visit my blog for more information about this video: Brodie.


studentRN81 says:

Thank you so much!!

Brodie Butler says:

You can set the white balance to whatever you want! Its part of the creative process. A lot of glamour photographers and even portrait and other photographers, intentionally shoot on a warmer white balance knowing they will get a warmer image. But remember, thats not going to fix any colour casts you may have in an image from surrounding objects. Use this method, then warm it up afterwards. Some cases you may not need to. Play with it.

Mudkipkiller says:

But what if you want it to look warm like the original?…. What’s the point of white balance when it looks good a little warmer?

jjualvare says:

Great vid…but what if you don’t have a model who can hold up a black, grey, or white card? how do you adjust you white balance in LR?

Jc Bravo says:

where did you get the cards from?

domeee11 says:

hi there, so we just need to use the grey eyedropper tool and not black and white eyedropper? because i usually use 3 of em lol.. thank you btw, very informative video.

gsboycephotos says:

Wow… This was and is really helpful.

Niall Macdonald says:

Thank you! Spot on. 🙂

Steve181 says:

No if that was the case camera manufactures would just configure the WB for every camera before it went on the market. You use the grey card every time you shoot a new session or scene or if enough time has passed by that the lighting has changed.

diedindecember says:

Raw… always raw! You can do it with jpeg, but it’s not even close as good!

rekez2 says:

do i need to shoot on jpeg or raw?

John Oshaughnessy says:

Fair Play, very good explaination !

My6T1 says:

Once you have used the grey card to set the white balance can you use that setting for any photo you bring in? Meaning not jut from that session but all photo session in the future to? Or do you need to take a grey card photo each session?

pmosp says:

thanks that’s really helpful

streetstaruk says:

thanks bro, nice tut, and obviously beautiful model =D

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