Portrait photo shoot – start to finish

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All aspects covered – planning, gear, choosing location, working with subject, editing and processing. A long and detailed video that I hope will demystify the process and really help people get their head around how it works – or at least how it often works for me. In reality you will work out your own process with practice. Join our new Flickr forum: www.flickr.com www.facebook.com www.mattgranger.com https


thatnikonguy says:

great to hear!

hurbt1980 says:

Good point, but not every society is as litigious as the good ole USA (my home)… still, it’s something to consider. IMO, rapport is your best safe guard against a law suit… second best is a witness, and third is video evidence, which I think he has covered (no pun intended). This has been my experience in 6 years as a child and family therapist (with $2 million in insurance).

thatnikonguy says:

good luck!

Bighoff123 says:

soooo great! Many thanks mate, shooting my first paid shoot tomorrow! This makes me feel a little better 🙂

robertlam18 says:

Thanks for the tutorial.

cardi60 says:

You should take someone else with you, it may be a matter of trust on your part, but you never know what could happen. for exaple a doctor will allways have a nurse present when he is examining a woman. all I am saying is it could backfire .

thatnikonguy says:

mate I cannot speak for why people don’t answer. most people are busy, some may get too many contacts to reply… no idea. Get a clear concept and put up a casting – see who responds.

thatnikonguy says:

Thanks buddy – no offense – but it isn’t that I ‘get to do’ these shoots – it is a job. I am paid to do it as the subject wants it done. So it is the end result of years of building my business. The ‘get to’ part is that it is an honor and a matter of serious trust to do a shoot like this. That again is experience and reputation.

mamiyapress says:

One of you very best videos Matt, congratulations to you and especially to that lady for letting us share in her photo shoot. I live in rural Ireland and have tried to hire models through MM, Purestorm etc. for portrait work, not necessarily nude shoots but my problem is that while they say they want to be models but when they are contacted most of them will not even reply. Are they on some ego trip or what? Have you come across this type of model and do you have any advice.

Frithjof Ritschel says:

It´s as good a video as it can be really. Length, information value… sugar´n spice all things nice 🙂
I´m always interested in how you get to your final selection. One thing I don´t understand yet is: how do you get to do these shoots… do you just advertise in the papers?
I can´t even get my girlfriend to pose in front of a camera naked… 😉
Thanx though… great shoot

thatnikonguy says:

usually full EFT prior.

thatnikonguy says:


Dan Carpino says:

There it is ladies and gentlemen. A professional photographer’s inside look from his personal perspective. Well done and well received. No wonder, really, considering the likeable nature and personality of this man. Very good advice through the shoot….

Tony Le says:

Hi Matt, how do you get paid? right after the shoot or after sending them the final edits? transfer through banks, cash,..???

ddd231 says:

Great job! Very nice shots. Thanks for sharing Matt.

Gabriel78h says:

Good video

thatnikonguy says:

I dont add any blur. Welcome!

tday67 says:

Great stuff mate, stumbled across you when I was on Doms sight who is awesome as well. For this shoot did you mainly shoot using a large aperture or do you add blur?

thatnikonguy says:

cool, cheers

ruckowner says:

I didn’t think it was long at all. You gave a lot of great hints and tricks. I for one would love to see more like this from start to finish.

thatnikonguy says:

thank you – nice to hear.

thatnikonguy says:

my pleasure – this one took a lot of work to put together, I am glad it is helpful.

Piero Annoni says:

Great video, simple, clear and Real! grazie!

carlosazuma says:

Hey Matt, thanks a lot for posting those videos! I’m new in photography, so videos like this one, showing the real world daily work of a photographer, are very useful for rookies like me. Greetings from Brazil, keep the good job!

thatnikonguy says:

software was lightroom, PS for more detailed work. Effect varies from shot to shot, as I show 🙂

scholesville says:

great video Matt, a thorough BTS look at your workflow…
though I would like to see more of your post-processing workflow on these projects i.e what software you use? what type of effect you are trying to achieve in each photos?

kinutube says:

matt, u forgot to add a link at 1:30

housebum says:

Great video Matt, very educational… much appreciated!

Heartkwt says:

AMAZING, any perks on the shoot contract?

thatnikonguy says:

@da1uth I hope you will enter our nude competition, running this month.

Joe Gagliardi says:

Great video, as always Matt. I enjoy the simple step-by-step approach you have. Not all of us are pros and seeing this level of detail explained from someone who’s in the field is really appreciated! Beautiful photos and models also.

Loustechworld says:

Great video Matt! I’ve been watching your vids for a while now and I can safely say your videos are incredibly informative! I am new in the Photography field and they have helped a lot. I wish I could see those presets you use but unfortunately I use Aperture 3 not lightroom.

TheLittleWorldofGaz says:

great video - thanks!

Paulo Lourenço says:

Great video… learned a lot. Will be a one of my guides fot future shots.
Thanks. Keep posting 🙂

da1uth says:

thank you, very useful as right this weekend i was thinking about taking pictures like these, now i have a better idea of how to do it.
great work!

ladduro says:

@thatnikonguy @other_trolls : for all of you that find the word ‘boner’ as vulgar and inappropriate for a guy standing in a face of a gorgeous naked woman, please go out and have a life. no matter if you are a pro or not, nude is same for all of us and could have effect on human mind and body! unless you are gay…

the fact that you in particular are used to nude shots is it is a different thing, not the ‘pro’ vs ‘wanker’ shit you wanna bee guys post here…

metallizone says:

Really informative video! Thanks for sharing it!

David Gillespie says:

always interesting to observe another shooters process and perspective. Thanks

snerp says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your videos are a huge help on how I learn to better my skill as a hobbyist photographer. Keep up the fantastic work, I look forward to more informative lessons and reviews!

dude2106 says:

Love this video Matt! I think videos, like this, of actual photo shoots gives a lot of inspiration.
Keep up the great work!

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