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Environmental Portrait Photography is one of the most satisfying ways to capture amazing images of people. By environmental we mean shooting outside on location with available light. Bella West is one of my favourite photographers as well as a personal friend and she’s a master with available light portraiture. She rarely uses flash, is great at posing people and often introduces a graphic element into her photography. In this video I take a step back and become Bella’s photo assistant and lend a hand by holding a reflector for her as she shoots some amazing portraits of her daughters. A reflector is really handy with available light portraiture because you can add a sparkle to someone’s eyes and just lift the light a little. If you’d like to know more about photographic reflectors and using them when shooting portraits please come and learn all about them for free at www.photographycourses.biz


rupesh khadka says:

Hey there, do you know “photo SFX art” (search on Google for it)? On their website you will find a nice free video showing the right way to take incredible photos. It made it possible for Joe to make pictures which have a jaw-dropping-effect when you take a look at them. It may help you also.

lehvirel says:

how do you shoot a portrait “i’m in Paris, etc” photo?

mamiyapress says:

“Don’t touch the models” great advice especially if you have a cold and a cough.

Filip Georgiev says:

Portrait with Hasselblad for grandma. Just kidding. Thanks for that teachful vid.

vipmig69 says:

What exactly do you mean?She’s a mother of those two.

Sandy Shifer says:

it is not a cheap camera 😀

TusharMisra says:

doesn’t bella look like some distant cousin of christian bale

ofromdamo says:

I hate cheap varnish, no that’s a little over the top, what Bella has in talent lacks in human relationships and respect.

supercooled says:

Lovely pictureswue backdrop. Looka like Harry Potter may pop up any moment …

lol3ndir says:

Great video and informations! and oh…
Hasselblad…the $40,000 camera wuuuaww…

photoexposed says:

Bella was using her Hasselblad in this one.

glennskitchen says:

Really helpful – one of the best videos on Portraits I’ve watched on Youtube.

mR Keyroll says:

hasselblad was here…. !!!

jmoff792 says:

Amazing 🙂 Just love the detail and contrast. What camera is it??

yellownikon says:

I ..sniff.. liked..sniff..this video..sniff.. alot.

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