Simple Infant Photography Lighting And Portrait Tips

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mmbackman1 says:

I have this exact lens
but I have a difficult time getting it to focus on my subject and not the background or the foreground. Any suggestions.

Carol Smith says:

What size would this one shown be?

arecibo1964 says:

Excellent Video …

Дмитрий Сагайдак says:

too many unnecessary words

Carol P says:

thank you; very helpful!!

petermoel2 says:

Great video! People can get the 5 in 1 reflectors for under $20. Also, if your camera doesn’t have a focus motor, like the D40/60/3100/32000/5100, get an 50mm AF-S, which has one built in. They go for around $200 – 250. Great lens, great value!

mindy25pa says:

Everyone needs to learn somewhere. Its not like its common knowledge…

mindy25pa says:

With all due respect…. Anyone who feels they need to offer stupid comments like that has no business pretending they are “Pro”

mindy25pa says:

HAHAHAHAHA Loved this video! It really helped me alot! But I loved the part where you suggested getting a windshield visor and using that as a reflector because I bought one just for that purpose about a week ago LOL!

Heavensntme says:

This video was very helpful and gives wonderful tips! Thank you much for sharing this information.

xoxoemilee7 says:

thanks for this video! i’ve been looking up tons of newborn tip videos, but most use studio lighting which i don’t have in my collection yet. i’m glad to see how others can produce beautiful photos without expensive lighitng

sharkaaah says:

I love this because you are using daylight and the results are totally awesome. Love it. This is the way how to take newborn photos 🙂

LoveMyNikon0609 says:

Awesome!! what did she rig the silver reflector with?

Megan Morris says:

Amazon Prime baby! Great deals and free shipping! Thanks so much these tips. They are so helpful.

SwimistaFashions says:

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mwaldenville says:

Where are you paying $40-$50 for a reflector? I got a 5 in 1 (exact same size) for $9 on Amazon with free shipping…

lovemylenz says:

Reflectors on Amazon you can get a great 5 in 1 for $20 Do your shopping 😀

KristieLentPhotograp says:

Thanks for posting this Scott! This was such a great video tutorials for those of us just getting started in the portrait business. I use natural light and do outdoor photography primarily so doing portraits is a bit new to me. This was just great! Thank you!

newportraitbiz says:

The video will be added to our NPB Pro Inner Circle Members site. You can check it out by clicking on the link below the video here.

Lea Perry says:

where can i find the video you said you guys took of Eileen and her setup? By the way, thank you for all your videos, its really helped me a lot with my photography!

newportraitbiz says:

Everyone needs to start somewhere and I’m sure you didn’t just wake up one morning and know everything. Just because you know the ins and outs of a camera…doesn’t make you a pro. The one that captures Amazing images that people want to buy…They’re A PRO in my eyes.

in2food says:

With all due respect… Anyone who doesn’t know this BASIC stuff has absolutely no business considering themselves as “Pro”.

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