Vampire Effect – Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

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In this video I will show you some of the techniques I used to make vampire teeth in Photoshop, how to make evil eyes and how to use bloody stock images. Stock images used: Mixer brush tutorials: Realistic blood tutorial: ____________________________________ Subscribe and get the latest tutorials Website: RSS Facebook: Newsletter: DeviantART: Flickr Twitter:


Andrei Oprinca says:

thanks. I’m romanian but I live in Spain

Vakhtang Matskhonashvili says:

I dont know what would i do with out your Chanel :) and by the way where are you from?

xxmarijnw says:

Well Done! ;D

KenTMTV says:

Great videos!

loui828 says:


PAINmedia says:

hmm…you failed with the teeth? the teeth dont match up.

Сергей Кряжев says:

НЕ очень

sonam gyanzay bhutia says:

Ur tHe BeSt……………….

08killerkill says:

Until she’s become the part of Twilight… :'(

blueskiesredsunsets says:

Thanks man! Wish you every success!

Divyansh Agnani says:

You’re Awesome.

TiefenLichtArt says:

Thank you for your great tutorials i like them so much. All you Tutorials help me so much.

arpirinosaadilah says:

KEREN….(idn languange) amazing i wanna teach with u.. 🙂

Andrei Oprinca says:

Hehehe thanks 😉

Bryan Arciniega says:

I’m always amazed by your work and it’s funny because I know all the techniques you use but it’s knowing when to use them that makes you and your work truly great!

ane manda says:

plz can i hv the serial key

Julia Kuzmenko McKim says:

Great work Andrei!

Andrei Oprinca says:


Khalid Ibrahim says:

can you create a tutorial on how you made your Intro?

R4Zorrrrrrr says:


jandeimz says:

Really inspirational. Thanks mate, awesome tutorial, I’m a decent/good photoshopper myself but I still learned some tricks from this. 🙂 Like + sub.

Julls FajnaTylkoOdpowiadam says:

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE

nP9IHuK201 says:


888guitar says:

thanks for sharing

baghdadx says:

thank u mate it was very interesting effect u show us there and god bless

Andrei Oprinca says:

Camtasia Studio

sazalking says:

which screen recorder do you use, thanks in advance.

sick79ful says:

you give me inspire…thx so much..

Zoheb Khoja says:

just love your tutorial’s !! :*

Rindy Dannar says:

I love how you can take a regular photo and turn it into a work of art. Great job!

Leroy Liau says:

Honestly I think the owl there is just weird.

Atabey65 says:

Thanks again. :blackrose:

cooola100 says:

You Must Love Your Sister x)..Still A Good Video

veryweak manxD says:

thx man

nola666devo says:

Parcero eres el mejor gracias ppr compartir con nosotros toda esa informacion

Savagetechdude says:

You got the light on the fang completely wrong. The shadow should have been on the other side

Qaidz says:

wow you made her better looking hahah <333

richyman2 says:

freaky amazing stuff Andrei, thanks for sharing

Rafael Salcedo Garrote says:

wow! i love your videos! keep doing it like this! ure an artist! respect from Spain 😉

Andrei Oprinca says:

What you say about the yes makes sense but I tried to show something that could be used in other kind of artworks as well. The owl is quite frankly horrible. I would use a crow instead or nothing at all but my sister insisted. This was not supposed to be a tutorial so I left it there

teejsmusic says:

I love all your videos, but I feel like this one could have been a little better. I think the bright orange eyes are a little out of place for this scene. I understand that vampires have bright eyes, but if you could have made hers slightly darker, I think it would have fit more. Lastly, and this may just be a personal thing, I think you could have done away without the owl. It just seemed out of place. It, too, also seemed like it was slightly bright for this scene.

Jeanette Hernandez says:


josplit Pwr says:

the eye see a little chesse

EasyFold007 says:

Thanks so much for sharing this with us and the best part…free of charge 🙂

Alin Papariga says:

este chinez

Fn0r1Chase says:

That owl is like “Deal with it”, lol

danigaminghd says:

Si inca o chestie,verifica-ti sora sa nu fie vampir. =))

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