GIMP 2.4 Tutorial – Selections

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HIGH QUALITY: By following this tutorial you will learn the concept of selections in GIMP. Whenever I said “layer mask” I really meant “selection mask”. This video was created on Ubuntu [1] using recordMyDesktop [2], Cinelerra CV [3], GIMP [4], MPlayer / MEncoder [5], a lot of trial and error and fair amounts of general computer skills and Linux knowledge. I hope you enjoy it! [1] [2] http [3] [4] http [5] Feel free to spread this video in YouTube-embedded format as much as you like. The video is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Sweden Licence. http


iidaBrightest says:

BORRRINGGG!!!!!! OMFG AT LEAST DO something cool! God give me my 5 minutes of life back!

matriculita007 says:

hablas pesimo el ingles care maso…!!!!!

AnthonyTheAngelFan says:

Thanks man helped me do what I wanted to do with a picture of mine.

spiralcosmosart says:

I need a gimp tutorial on how to make custom “cookie cutters”. I mean making a custom selection and copying the selection ‘s shape (NOT the selection, but THE SELECTION’S SHAPE), and then pasting and moving that Selection’s shape somewhere else to make a new selection the same shape and dimensions of the old selection.

ccsitaround says:

great lesson–I have a newer ed of gimp–it doesn’t have a scaler slide that can change brush sizes (for all brushes) like the gimp 2.4 has. any way to get that scaler slider into the newer version? thanks

GerberosHilleri1 says:

how i open layers panel?

eugenetswong says:

Hi. Thank you for your hard work.

Before, I didn’t have much faith in Gimp, because it seemed so difficult to use. After watching and reading several tutorials, such as yours, I’m convinced that Gimp is wonderful.

Meisterluk says:

Thanks a lot :-) GIMP rocks!

a2zhandi says:

great tut. I learned a lot!


sietsk says:

Very clear and very helpful. Thank you.

almallegra says:

FANTASTIC, thank you!!

kghs10 says:


quantumuncertainty says:

Thank you very very much for your tutorials. Before them I could do as much with Gimp as I did with Paint !!!!!.
I was very interested in this thing: the selections. Now I have a pic from my eye and I could change the color of my iris, from dark to green.

Sarah Wall says:

when i drag the picture to where u dragged it nothing happens all it says is the file is not known can u help me?

EBTL0947 says:

[77satellites] LOL! Aahhhh… Can’t imagine how that was a freakishly sick homo-erotic comment. But if you felt homo-eroused…more power to you. Have a nice day; it’s hot in California so I’m staying inside.

[Enselic] GIMP was always complicated to me, as compared to Photoshop Elements and PhotoImpact XL, so I’m glad that someone is doing tutorials on GIMP. Layers & Selections were ALWAYS a pain for me to get down! xP

77satellites says:

what kind of sick freak makes homoerotic comments on a gimp tutorial?

foodfighternat says:

Thanks for this, very good job. You did a good job speaking clearly in english too! 5/5

jimi go says:

nice tutorial

CaitlynCareBear says:

You’re voice is so cool(: Nice video.

techtonicc says:

good video. Check my channel where they’re TONS of gimp tutorials

EBTL0947 says:

You’re cute. There! I said it! 😛 Great tutorials, by the by.

SCAM1948 says:

thanks for the vid

ps3rulez2008 says:

ur videos are very nice

CaiusTotorus says:

Awesome ! Thanks a lot !

M0rganstudios says:

Hell yeah great tutorial man!!

SushiStar18 says:

Thank you, very usefull.

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