GIMP 2.8 Tutorial – Another World

or copy the link This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to turn a couple of photos into an image of another world with a starry sky and planets. GIMP version 2.8.0 was used for this video. This is a good tutorial for beginners as well as more advanced users to Link to rock mountain image http Link to water image GIMP website


desotopete says:

Man you are good. Never had to correct yourself. Very helpful.

Scott Vogler says:

😛 just messing with you man, it looks beautiful. I hope some day I will be this talented with the GIMP software.

Sam Langer says:

Its a spacescape who knows how many light sources there are. there could be one not in the “viewfinder”. 🙂

Gumper McGee says:

Nice tutorial, very helpful. I would suggest that in searching for foreground images, try and find pictures that have similar or matching shadow direction. A horizontal flip of the water image would quickly resolve this as well. Thanks!

Vladimir Klauški says:

An amazing tutorial and very clear explanation. We must be very grateful for such a detailed view.Thanks

James Kellett says:

Great Tutorial – great skills & great presentation!

KRL1003 says:

You are AWESOME! Great explanations & detail. Keep it up!

MaddMaxximusKILZ says:

Guys, first, Its a Sci-Fi picture. Second, not all art has to be realistic. (Look at Picasso).

Thank you for the excellent tutorial tutor4u

Pilot16H says:

If there is no atmosphere, there wouldn’t be liquid water.

Player70225 says:

Abo gegen Abo

Rita Ellmer says:

I loved your tutorial, before i was scared to use all applications but i feel more confident now, thanks

swfan4eva40 says:

This is an amazing tutorial! The best one I’ve seen thus far.

drenth27 says:

I really enjoy your tutorials, and I find your videos highly informative

Jim Richards says:

This is the best Gimp tutorial video I’ve seen yet. I had no idea all of these things were possible, but for tonight’s project I found the erase technique you did at the beginning really helpful. Again-super tutorial.

WolvesAngels says:

thank you!
it`s amazing!!! 🙂

CODShow101 says:

I am horrible at GIMP, I was used to MS Paint so I never pushed my limits, but thanks for the tutorials, they have helped so much!

mewtwomadness says:


Peristilo peris says:

Man, I was afraid you would create a whole new universe! LOL. That would take some more minutes!
Amazing video!

TikiManDingo says:

I really enjoy your videos, your really bold and helpful. Thank you

tocodelray says:

Your videos are PERFECT. You know what you’re talking about, you are clear, and you teach concepts that can be used for the project demonstrated, or any other project. Good job! Thanks!

MrTigertim09 says:

yaaah! I did it I did it thanks so much for these Tutorials you’re one of the best Tutors, I can’t wait for more.

MrTigertim09 says:

Another great tutorial, realy awsome efects. Thank you.

chiefomeili says:


junador53 says:

awsome, manny thanks again…A1

graygraphics says:

This was a great tutorial I completed this on the first try. Thanks for the lessons please keep them coming.

TheSourCandy104 says:

when i do the noise and sparkle it does nothing. plz respond!

mahaboob aboobacker says:

thanks dear

sahko123 says:

you are beast at this!

Roman Minor says:

So wonderful and helpful thanks for posting this tutorial.

TheJasonTanner says:

great tutorial, thanks for doing this

Mike Jones says:

I learned so much from this video….Thanks so much !!!

Dollie Arrington says:

very well done and easy to follow

zaipai says:

That was so cool. Awesome tutorial.

1jordanarab says:

Thank YOU!!!!!

goakucan says:

Great video. keep it up !!

AskWhyNot230 says:

Thank you again

spicydeath82 says:

Great tut. only suggestion might be to pay attention to light source directions. mountain had sun from left. ocean image had sun from the right, so it made it a bit strange as far as shadows and highlights go. an easy fix would be to flip one or the other before merging.

11schubert says:

Another great Gimp tutorial for beginners like me. Ditto on the music in the background. Your tutorials should serve as a model to others who want to make beginner Youtube tutorials. Isn’t there a way to do the erasing using a mask? I learned to use masks in PSE, and they’re great for correcting errors when erasing.

turbotonic27 says:

I agree with you

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