[FRAMED] Episode 14: Michelle Moore Senior and Fashion Photography

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Her personality is infectious. And so is her work. Michelle Moore has bridged a gap between high school seniors and models. It doesn’t matter what the shoot is for, or what style of shoot it is, she will deliver on making her client feel beautiful. Michelle Moore started her career as a band photographer in 2003, and has since shot many models, high school seniors, actors, wedding and local events. Her focus is now on Fashion Editorials, and her boutique-style High School Senior Portraits. She brings her models an experience like no other, and works only with a team of the fabulous makeup artists and stylists to make her models feel amazing; models and high school seniors alike. Michelle’s team makes her subjects feel at home and like a rockstar all at once. “The world is her studio and you are the star.” Today, Michelle gives amazing advice on how she gives her “models” the ultimate experience and takes us on location to a fashion editorial shoot. Not only is her subject a model, but she’s also a high school senior. And today, she is Michelle’s rockstar. Photography, Michelle Moore michellemoore.com Make-up & Hair, Jenny Bowker http Styling, Stacy Zimmerman szstyling.com Clothing, Horseshoe Boutique http Jewelry, Kimberly Baker kimberlybaker.com Wired by Noel http Model, Madeline of SMG smgmodels.com salt&prep (teen fashion blog) http Facebook Fanpage facebook.com Twitter twitter.com “Special thanks to John, Jenny, Stacy, Jill, Kimberly, Noel, Madeline & her awesome mom


Gaelen Smith says:

Photoshoot starts at 22:00 .

VlogdelaLula says:

i miss Framed here in youtube

BodyLanguage654 says:

I want to be her. End of story.

eddie918 says:

23:17 thats when you get a lens hood lol
the 85 1.2 is gorgeous, i would stay with that over the 50mm because of the separation it creates.

TheDoshi00 says:


LopsidedCircle says:

she is so inspiring, i totally agree with her personality being infectious. she laughs all the time and is just, she seems so comfortable to be around 🙂

Andrew Ducker says:

my goal is to be on this show one day

Kevinhphotography says:

I love your show! So inspirational and such a great thing to watch when my mom watches her soaps 😛

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