Gopro Hero 3 black edition review – DSLR FILM NOOB

or copy the link I’ve been testing the Gopro Hero 3 for the last week or so. Even though i’m not an extreme sports type of person I think a camera like this is a great value for POV. Time lapse features are excellent, video quality is great for a camera this size, and it supports 2.7k at 30fps. The downside is the android app which still needs a lot of work and the on board audio quality. This review ran a little longer thin I was expecting so I’ll be posting the low light tests as well as, audio tests with the usb adapter, and a guide on using the hero 3 black edition as a steady cam in a future video. Here’s the tutorial on the time lapse I mentioned: And here is the the Wasabi Batteries I’ve been using: Equipment used in this video: Canon 6d Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Gopro Hero 3 black edition


SleekWoodFB says:

ya theres a thing on the gopro hero 3 call protune

datsunz says:

H3 is very bad in low light, you can add light using software but overall it’s very poor in anything but bright sunlight.

Caspianek says:

How is it doing in a dark places with limited light and no flash on board? Is it daylight camera only?

xsjado man says:

the hero 2 is the same as a hero 3 silver just with a face change just be sure to buy black.

lsi624 says:

Blah, Blah, Blah…GoPro rushed this product…Blah, Blah, Blah

homokazatel says:

nic vid. check this out. low light conditions with hero3 black.ed. /watch?v=crVLtsNzYuw

daFexKM says:

Hey, nice review! I have a few little questions. I read in a comment on Amazon that they have problems with the software. For example it does not stop making fotos in Burstmode and the wifi connections breaks up. Do you have any problems with the Gopro? And can i Load the Gopro while it is making a video with usb? And whats up with the software for Android, did they make a new patch to make it with less delay and better?

ShortyzProductionz says:

What settings do you recommend? What’s the difference between 1080p and 2.7k and 4k ???

LunchiNSports says:

Is this camera also good just for recording regular video to be used for a talk show?

Davide Ferrari says:

GoPro Hero 3 Black Audio is just amazing if you haven’t the case on

E442Comedy says:

Thanks very much for that SSparks555 ;) Got a tripod mount for my Gopro 😀

SSparks555 says:

I did some pics in low light and the camera must be on a steady surface or tri-pod with no movement to get a clear picture at night.

ChodaBoyUSA says:

Noob Question: Are you using greater than 1080p resolution (e.g. 2.7K) to allow for image stabilization down to 1080p?

JustSamples says:

Wish they would get rid of the fisheye lens.

Stinky Pinky says:

great review dude, awesome. Is it my computer or is your lighting on the really cool temp side? Looks like it could use a .25 or .5 CTO gel

tommyking253 says:

get a Class 10 memory card which would be that small number. and i would suggest to make sure the card can record 30mb/s in which the HD recording wont overload the memory and either A stop the recording or B have the problems you have now. hope this helps

jon pellegrini says:

u need a class 10 micro sd card

petesmxz says:

Great videos. Maybe you have answered this question in a previous video but how do you get such clear video uploads on YouTube. The quality is superb. Could you direct me to a video that you may have done on this subject. Or make one!! It’s prob a sequence of events of filming settings, editing and exporting. I know a bit about this but I am no wizard. Any help would be great! Nice job!

ppstrucking1 says:

I just bought the hero 3 black edition. Does my computer need to be pretty advanced in order to play back video. It seems very slow and skips. I can’t seem to get a normal speed video to work. Also, I use a 32gb micro SD card (Kingston) with a small 4 on it. Does that need to have a 6 or larger number on it? It would only record in short intervals of maybe 20 seconds at 1080p. It would go longer at 720p. Thanks

dmward1973 says:

I recently checked out SRP which has a range of filters for use with the GOPRO Hero range of cameras.

brickwester says:

Would you say the waterproof case would act as a shock absorber? In case you drop it or you impact it against something?

TheNaishproductions says:

Not sure if it’s an update since this recording, but you can preview while recording on Iphone 4s, not in 4K, or 2.7K but anything 1080p and under. All in all I bought one after viewing this review. Cheers!!

swatpartner says:

Great review!

Which SD card do you recommend? The SanDisk Extreme Pro or Ultra?

Russel Johnson says:

I just got the GoPro for Christmas and i’m still very new to it. For some reason when I take a video, it only captures the audio and not the video and I need help solving this problem.
I already did the required update for it on the GoPro website and all the settings are normal. Please help!

jeanne2018 says:

Thanks! Playing with the kid’s Hero3 (Humbleoutdoors w/free 32GB SD card). This cam is awesome, going through the wi-fi features now.

ptbigtimer says:

Great review! Thanks man!

Weltherrscher says:

great video!

Lee Przytula says:

A simple explanation is that it’s roughly twice the resolution of 1080p.

duIIb0y says:

what’s 4k?

Chris Sukraw says:

With an Android phone.

Chris Sukraw says:

I have the Hero 2 with WIFI backpack. I get live view preview while recording. Maybe an update will allow it with the Hero 3.

williamhaze82 says:

does this have any sort of focus ring? whats the depth of field options on this?

RedSpectrumPictures says:

Great review of the GoPro! I use the original GP hd hero

KsDuFilm says:

how is the White Balance colors perform ? color accuracy ?

Tanaka Clark says:

Thank you for your reply!! I’m looking forward for more reviews! Thanks!!

bigdwiz says:

Does it provide clean HDMI out at full resolution? Great video, I look forward to your next one! I recently got the Sennheiser G3 wireless system and look forward to using it in my videos as well.

BigDWiz – OldSchoolStereo-com

onelonedork says:

I’ll post some results in the next video but it does pretty good.

E442Comedy says:

I want one, but I’ve still not really had a chance to use my GoPro Hero 2 yet! The picture quality looks awesome, how well does it preform in low light?

StormgodStudios says:

Great over view. Thanks man!

onelonedork says:

The exposure controls are a pain. There is nothing you can do but light and hope that the sensor reads things correctly. Not bad in direct sunlight but a bit of a hassle when you transition to different areas.

Qzyxya says:

can’t wait for the steadicam warp stabilizer test

Quirino2k says:

I wished they still used the regular SD card.My GOpro Hero2 last about 4.2hrs with with the bacpac.. and 2hrs on just one bat.. Looks like it last the same amount of time with the new one.. oh and 1hr of protune settings is 32GB. How are the file sizes of the different resolution from 1080p 60fps and up to 4k ?

MrJonnyJones says:

Hmm. Might be worth getting a Hero 2 with its simple external mic input.

Guilherme Fernandes says:

Thanks dude!!

Guilherme Fernandes says:

Yes, i also thought about it but the water proof case would be awesome on my dslr, but I have none :(. Thanks a lot for your answer :)!

Schaaf says:

I’m a big GoPro fan but I’d still rather use my cheap-o fisheye + DSLR when it comes to producing quality footage. The lack of manual exposure control doesn’t matter with most action-sports shooting but it can be quite difficult to handle whenever you want a certain outcome/look from your footage.

onelonedork says:

Maybe I should have said, low price DSLR 😉

onelonedork says:

To me it looks wider then 16mm of a full frame, I couldn’t find any specs on it but it seems like it’s close to 11mm.

krotoflik says:

Ahh, gotcha. Ha, that could make a pretty slick security camera setup…If it starts working again for you that is.

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