Miss Universe and Miss USA Fashion Photography Shoot

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Olivia Culpo and Nana Meriwether shoot with Fashion Photographer Fadil Berisha in New York City. Category: Miss Universe 2012 – Olivia Culpo


musicgoddess246 says:

Olivia Culpo reminds me just slightly of Jessica Ennis

Seascorp Scorpio says:

Wow so beautiful…..best Miss Universe

TheLouisedogs says:

WOW the dress @ 1:05 I want it! haha

Mike Soo says:

Yeah!!! Hey, I would like to Logan takes part in the shoot along with them too!

Freddy de Js. Fajardo B. says:

Olivia is beautiful! 🙂
I love her <3

barbieri401 says:

what i dont like is that Miss Universe and Miss USA have the same experience what’s the difference between the two just the title

mizutany031511002 says:


702xbox says:

Im not gonna lie. Olivia is beautiful, and the fact that She’s a little bit short doesnt mind at all. But being realistic She did not do a good performance in the MU. The best was the philippines by and large.

MorenitaCharlotte says:

Olivia is gorgeous!

Jason Barnes says:

WOW Olivia is such a pro and looks so gorgeous!!! 😮

Jay Paolino says:

Way to go ! Rooting for the Patriots this weekend ? : – )

EsserCarriben says:

nana and olivia the beeest!!!!!!!!!

saliva16127 says:

so seductive!

kenyonenoky says:

*both of you

kenyonenoky says:

Good luck to the both of new especially Nana as you start your Miss USA job! Keep it up Olivia!!

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