Exposure Compensation in Aperture Mode – DSLR Photography Tutorial

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photographyequipment.yolasite.com (Budget Equipment) razzi.me www.facebook.com twitter.com An in depth tutorial on exposure compensation in aperture mode for DSLR cameras.


carrie chen says:

 Thank you, your video is very helpful, great vedio…..

AstigNaBuraot says:

how do i know if my camera is confuse, or if i have the right exposure compensation. i know you said that if you have more light decrease the exposure and less light increase it. how do i know if its right in the first place. and also if i need more light it will effect my minimum shutter speed. thank you for your tutorial. i really appreciate it.

Solo Steez says:

g shit you should start a mini school it would be hella tight

MrHopStopper says:

can you just use exposure bracketing? and choose what you like more?

Amirtha Rengasamy says:

hi ter.. i recently bought nikon d5100..just wana know if i should buy a filter and is it important??

iCTechReviews says:

I like your ending! But thatnks dude.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, but there are 2 ways to fix that. 1 is to adjust the exposure compensation OR your shutter speed if you’re shooting in manual mode and the other option is to use flash to expose your husband. Because in exposure compensation when you slow the shutter speed down, the background can lose all the details because it’s TOO bright.

lilyntom says:

thank you for sharing this post was great!!

this wkdn i was trying to take a picture of my husband with a bright background (seaside) and afte spot metering - he was STILL underexposed but the background looked great. would this be a case i use this?


Dinahhs3 says:


Ozuqam says:

Exactly same here. I started to watch your videos before I went Venice with my wife and i start to use manual settings and got really awesome pictures. Thanks for everything.

Milan RD says:

Hi! Thanks for your tutorials, they’re awesome! Can you please tell how can i get the night club effect to my photos, what’s the name of this effect?

ItsSimpleStuffAdi says:

lovely explanation , thank you . I have one question , it may sound stupid . i have a Nikon D3200 and i set all of the settings before I take a picture , The camera gets ready and focusses and all that , makes the right sounds , but , does not shoot at all even if i click the shoot button . what am I doing wrong?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you very much. Just like photography, teaching is also an art. Some people only express that in their pictures. I can do that in both, my teachings and photography. Thanks for watching. 🙂

msgilliam1474 says:

You are by far the best teacher ever!!! I have gone to workshops, schools, seminars and know one, know one has explained this in this manner. I thank you for taking the time from your busy life to help us.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Some what yes, but Lightroom has it’s limitation as well. We should try to get it right in the camera and tweak in LR if necessary.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you much. I always try to concentrate on quality and not quantity. You won’t find BS videos on my channel just to get extra hits. Once again, thank you.

Ajit Gurung says:

I have started watching your videos. Without a lie i have to say, i have learn a lot of things from u which i could not found in other’s channel. Thank u so much.

djaka401 says:

can you use lightroom to do the same thing ?

djaka401 says:

what would flash exposure compensation be?

zcarenow says:

i have to agree that your videos are great in that you show examples…i like how you show what to look for in the viewfinders and stuff and in some where you actually take the photo and show us the settings and the difference between one setting vs. another.

ChefWannabeToo says:

great vids man. on the first photo did u ever think of exposing for the background and using fill flash for the boots?

ChefWannabeToo says:

for me if i like the way the photo looks then its properly exopsed, most cameras have a histogram. i dont know if he has done a vid on histogram, i just found his channel and im trying to catch up. haha

Vikas Bidarimath says:

Hi Jib,
really like your videos and try to follow them all.
I am new to DSLR Photography and trying to learn fundamentals. I recently bought a Nikon D5100. And have a few questions on this topic:

– Why can’t we use or why doesn’t exposure compensation mean anything in Manual mode?
– In Aperture Priority mode, F3.5, 1/60S, flash on, my camera was showing all the way -ve on the scale. To get the pointer back to 0, had to bring the exposure down to (-2.0) instead of increasing it.. Why is it so?

eatpepsimobile says:

You teach really well… I hope you make it big dude … You really are genuine !

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thanks man! I don’t know how people can BS in every video and the viewers sit through and accept it. One guy has 700 videos and I yet have to see a video from him that’s worth watching. Product pushing, trying to get as many hits to make a few bucks and in the end… the beginners learn 1/10 of what they should. I’m trying to concentrate on the quality than quantity. I’m glad you see that.

SpyralTwilight says:

I really appreciate the photo examples you give at the end of your tuts. I swear, no one else on youtube does that. They just talk about it. This is why your my favorite. I can actually SEE what you are talking about.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

You can actually check it in lightroom3 if it’s under/over exposed. Sometimes certain parts are overexposed but if they’re not the main subject, you let it go. The reason why you have aperture/shutter mode because over 90% of the photographer using non-auto mode, use aperture priority mode. It’s quicker and faster. When the light meter gets fooled, you switch to manual to make those minor adjustments. Any camera with manual setting will have individual controls for aperture/shutter.

jc545staffy says:

Hi,u mentioned ur unsure if the pic is properly exposed, how will u ever tell, does the camera have a way to tell you? also im just getting in2 dslrs & im wondering why there r aperture & shutter priority modes at all as in manual u can adjust the aperture2give u a nice blur&then shutter speed 2 allow light in, the same the other way adjust the shutter speed to capture movement how u like&adjust the aperture to allow more light in 2get the right exposure, is this right,&is it the way you work?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you! I actually design these T-shirts. They are listed on my website at PhotographersOnUTube(dot)com

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