Getting Started Shooting Video with Your Canon 60D DSLR Camera

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A tutorial to help you get started with your DSLR camera. It will help you with tips on white balance, iris, focus, zoom, and shallow depth of field. To see a video shot with this camera, go to “Oxford Wedding 2012:” To check out some of Judy’s other tutorials and videos, please go to: Thanks for watching!


sceneexamples says:

Yes. It’s because the files will be very large. Remember, DSLRs were primarily made for photos, not video. The video files are rich in visual information and thus are huge when recorded on a DSLR. They need to process all of that information.

ChiciBo0 says:

Wait so one video recording on the 60D can only be 12 minutes max?

allnickstaken says:

omg, ty for goood tutorial

Todd Morris says:

Once per shot, I believe. That’s why it’s best to manually focus using the digital zoom function (or focus in-shot for effects: go to “Oxford wedding 2012″ linked above to see an example; but it can be done in editing, too)

Jason Gorton says:

Hi, I’m totally new to this, my camera only says 1920×1080 at 25 FPS am I doing something wrong?

Psychoticpanda says:

Great video, is it possible to auto focus continuously or does it just auto focus once per shot…?

boi88mc says:

The best way is to use a light source. Any type of lighting helps.

boi88mc says:

it’s your ISO being too high, try using a light source instead of bumping up the ISO.

Charliehits99 says:

thanks :)

Azizan Malek says:

About your automatically stop record… it is because your SD card have class lower than 8 if i am not mistaken…

Azizan Malek says:

Change the video system to NTSC…

KJ Proulx says:

Thanks 🙂 Great tips!

NellysaintsSROP says:

what is the right settings for 60d. cause my 60d always stop recording at 5min but i have many room for video and i have a class 10 memory card….any suggestion ??//??

OlamintProductions says:

The card had got a problem you need to change the card or you not using the right card for filming.

introtobroadcasting says:

Are all controls set to manual? Are you in film mode?

introtobroadcasting says:

What class is the card? (There’s a little number on the card.) How big is the card (32 GB?)

Scott Gahret says:

Hi, When i look at my frames per second on my 60D max is 25. Do you know why this is?

grumpyjr30 says:

I need help asap why I can record only 6second then stop automatically

grumpyjr30 says:

I need help asap why I can record only 6second then stop automatically

FunTaskTicSunday says:


Tommy Damani says:

Stupid question. i didnt have it on manual mode. something you should probably have an annotation for since you didnt speak about it =p we are after all getting started and you probably should make sure we’re in the right settings

Tommy Damani says:

1:27 i cannot change the shutter speed whilst in filming mode. please explain why? cheers

dbest1a says:

@Anthony Castillo you need a faster sd card

p169inspfilms says:

I think when you shoot video in JPEG quality, you’re actually shooting cropped video, hence the lower quality.

biskeybee says:

hi there . i was wondering does having the camera set in jpeg or raw have an effect on the video quality? i know that you will get a better photo if you have it set to raw but will it do anything in video mode? i have my 60d set to jpeg to save space but the photo s come out great anyway but when i use it in video mode i feel really let down by the crap image it gives. im using a kit lens 17-85 i think.My old 400 pound hd cam was so clear and crisp compared to this.

Andy Thach says:

love this camera!

Hylabean Young says:

great video thanks

introtobroadcasting says:

Check the “class” number of the card. It is a little number on the card. The higher the number, the better. I think the instruction manual says class six or above is preferred.

jvnagz says:

excellent.. thank you so much..

Anthony Castillo says:

hey a qucik question i barley got my 60d and i have a 4gb sd card and each time i shoot a video it last 5-6 seconds then it says somthin about movie recording stopped automaticaly for some reason please help :/

Paul Tyrrell says:

Great video for a newbie, really helpful, concise and motivating, I’m really enthusiastic.

Mantleram says:

Great video!

Adrian Sesia says:

Thank you a lot men!..

Todd Morris says:

I see that you do have an optical zoom lens.  Is it also a Canon lens? If not, you may need an adapter. Is the lens working for you? Maybe this is what you meant.

Todd Morris says:

Well, that’s tricky because it could be a few different things. YouTube might not be recognizing the video format you used or you maybe have mixed two different format sizes (did you blend footage from different cameras, for instance, that have different frame sizes or HD and standard digital quality in editing?), so YouTube puts a frame around it to make sure the image is in tact. It could also have to do with how you exported your video–which format you chose. Experiment with different ones.

Todd Morris says:

Actually, I have wondered that myself. But the fact is that even if you could, you might not like the quality of the photo or video since it’s scaling within the image and not a true zoom.  In other words, a DIGITAL zoom is like you are cropping and then expanding a detail of an image instead of an OPTICAL zoom, which is a true zoom that doesn’t reduce image quality. That’s why people buy those huge, long (and expensive!) telephoto lenses. Those are optical zooms and allow for great pics.

SweetCraftify says:

I have a question. When I upload my vidoes on YouTube it has this black box on all four side of the edge. How do I get rid of that? Thanks in advance.

Adrian Sesia says:

men i have a question, ( sorry for my english) i have canon 60d with efs 18-135 mm lens . Can i take photos with digital zoom ?.. i tried but i cant just i can make zoom but when I shoot the photo looks like there’s no zoom applied. im talking about just digital zoom. Regards! :)

fernandesfran says:

Thank You very much. Your guide is clear and up to the point for a beginner like me.

Todd Morris says:

Which button are you pressing? Don’t press the shutter button; press the button on the back of the camera with the red dot next to it. Also, make sure nothing else is on the card (no files from other types of camera, etc.).

thecoolsis07 says:

Please help! Whenever I’m in video mode and I press the record button, it doesn’t record but instead “takes a photo”. I have a Sandisk 16 gb class 10 and my card is still empty. Anyone?

mukti641 says:

Hi, are you familiar with “MagicSFXphoto” (do a Google search for it)? There you can watch a useful free video showing the right way to make better photos. It helped Daniel to create photos that have that wow-effect when you take a look at them. Perhaps it will help you out too…

moeproductions353 says:

Thank you, really useful info. What about the Video Colour setting? Are you suppose to put all the colour setting to minimal, so you can add colour correction more effectively in post?

jadorebeauty5 says:

You are a very good teacher. Thanks for this video!

Judybethmorris says:

Are you sure you are in video mode? Make sure all auto functions are off so that you can change things manually.

Hmm. This one is a mystery.

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