Glow Effects in Photoshop!

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Learn how to create glowing lines around your model in Adobe Photoshop! This tutorial will cover using the Pen Tool to create the path that the glows will follow, then covers using Layer Styles to create Inner and Outer Glows. Make sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials. Links are below! | http Pen Tool Tutorial – Follow me on Twitter –


dportis47 says:

I always come back to this video, thanks!

trip lang says:

why there’s many layer on your work tab? you didn’t taught us what was that…

Madhukar Sunuwar says:

Hey, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (google it)? There you will find a nice free video featuring the way to take brilliant photographs. It made it possible for Matt to shoot photographs which leave you with a wow-effect while you look at them. I hope it helps you as well…

salseroman42 says:

my problem is that when once I create my path and I right mouse click sometimes I get “stroke path’ and sometime “stroke sub path”. either one works, but once I’ve added my glow and attempt to remove the extra lines, only the glow erases and I’m left with my visible path….what am I doing wrong?

automatik39 says:

nice ,thanks

thetechofuniverse says:

you’re soooo Stubborn

Claude Gulley says:

I found free photoshop cs6.. visit PsDown.Org.. Works!

anis909 says:

I am having a problem, when i click stroke path nothing happends 🙁

QualityTuTz says:

You sound like a typical nerd. So cool ^^

gothicme says:

So…I’m not gay, but I love you.

RedComplexity says:

You are the best Photoshop teacher around! 🙂

RedComplexity says:

Increase the brush size

ventende says:

Great stuff. I especially like that you dont leave anything out, so theres no guesswork here and thats actually not that common! Very good tutorial, keep them coming.

TheLolisuck says:

wow great! thnks alot man!!

You2BStudios says:

damn…this is so confusin!

Vibhu Narayan says:

what if i want my glow line to be a lot more thick?


Thanks mate! im mega noob at this shit (so much that i had to google how to deselect…stll dont know lol) and found your video very easy to follow so thanks for ur time!

jamiesweden says:

Hey i need help! When i go to remove the unwanted sections of the line I am still left with a thin black line… is this due to an incorrect setting in my brush tool? Thanks

EliOceans says:

It’s nothing but a couple of gradients on a black background.

TheLaTourious says:

Cool shit.

AnimeMVS25861 says:

How did you do your background? D:

Afzal Hussain says:

Hello there, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just do a Google search for it…)? On their website you will find a great free video showing the right way to create amazing pictures. This helped Joe to create photos which have a wow-effect while you take a look at them. I hope it will work for you also.

orenlantis says:

Yeah did you hear about the Green Coffee Extract? It’s that new weightloss magic bean that was shown on the Dr.Oz show. You can check it out here:
Pretty crazy stuff! Will let all of you know if it helps me 🙂

MiineGamer says:

And also my glow doesn’t show up

MiineGamer says:

Hey man, I followed the tutorial exactly as it is, but when I choose Pen Pressure in Size Jitter, the brush doesn’t change and it doesn’t look like yours. Please help man 🙁

RVBReach says:

His name is ‘TheStubbornYouth’ can we expect less?

brenda asnicar says:

thanksss :D

Robbi Walcott says:

this is a awesome tutorial thxx

Kevin Stollaerd says:

I’ve fixed it by clicking on the brush symbol in upper left corner (it’s next to where you can change the size of your brushes) and I’ve taken the Transparent Red Spray Paint and then you can remove it too. Don’t know if it’s rigt but it works for me 😉

Dave Smith says:

Superb tutorial, cheers.

Wrex Luther says:

Everytime I finish with a picture. It doesnt allow me to save it to my computer. Can anyone please help me

Stiletto Rose says:

can you tell us where to obtain the calligraphy brush and straight line eraser brush

Stiletto Rose says:

I have the same issue. I also think he downloaded caligraphy pen brushes to use it. Maybe this is why? I used a pen size 3pt and line’s did not errase

Avishagi Shoogi says:

im new to photoshop but im doing preatty much well, and it doesnt work, is it because i used a different brush ? i couldent find a calligraphy one like yours……

TheDM75 says:

Incredible tutorial, thanks man!

mikitza10 says:

Stroke path doesn’t work for me, what should i do? 🙁

tlnvanheusden20 says:

Oke now i am subbed to you since i am new to Photoshop your stuff really helps me out a lot !:D thanks and keep making vids if u come to face something new ^^

Di3PM says:

your comment is sooooo annoying!

ergerq says:

when i press outer glow, on most pictures, nothing happens! occasionally it works, but most of the time, it gives me a marker saying it’s activated, i can mess around with the settings, but nothing happens! any ideas? (mac)

Kevin Harris says:

This is amazing tutorial !!

thedrummerkid21 says:

Set the Brush Dynamics Control to Pen pressure! I had the same problem <3

azmeth rench says:

dear.. how u removed LINES from her body..m unable to erase them:(

ramirez3025 says:


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