How to Create HDR Images in Photoshop

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How to Create HDR Images in Photoshop CS3 without the use of additional software. By Yanik’s Photo School.


rOEN911 says:

I have to admit this is the only tutorial that covers everything.

moglijp says:

this is great, cheers for you.

StickyPickey says:

That is a good tutorial, I must admit!


wiser2001 says:

Thanks, actually very useful.

3andromalius6 says:

instead of greatitude you insult the guy … nice of you. maybe not all of us are as fast as you are.

Josh B says:

I rarely ever reply on these things, but seriously, this was so simple and good that i had to. THANKS!

TheVarveklis says:

mine looks scary

startphotography says:

Great tutorial! I like to create a few different exposures of my image using a RAW file and saving it as different jpgs, then I overlap them using layers in Photoshop. Works great!

UrLocalBum says:

So I sat through that video resting on my right arm with a grin on my face, it’s nice to learn something new. Thank you so,so much this was such a great tutorial. I’ve been curious to start working with HDR with my images. Thank you. =)

crisfa1429 says:

nice easy and simple tutorial,,,tnx

ShareFillesRo says:

american prost, ca atata bati din gura ca o baba proasta, treci la subiect, primele 2 minute din video, le-am facut in 20 sec…

Maximum PhotoShops says:

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jmenter93 says:

Great tutorial homie

appaloosadude says:

Very Good, informative tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

Lam Fong says:

Good tutorial !!!

Lam Fong says:

Good tutorial !

SuperLeoali says:

i’m using cs2 and after i click ok on the “merge to HDR” window,a “manually set Ev” window appears

Popspicker says:

Great explanation
Thank you

mialeipow says:

Great Video. Thankyou!!

kunryan says:

thats so informative .. very helpful…

Augenauf2010 says:

Nice vid, quick question for all you hdr peeps, ive trid this with a few photos, my hdr image comes up really bright with a horrible purple and green colour spots on it, is this because original pgoto’s werent exposed very well?

FallenKain says:

Yeah, I’m behind everyone else.  A lot of crap filters into YouTube, but this is a quality piece that I learned a lot from. Thanks for the intro brother!

Nizar M. Halloun says:

Understood! Thank you!

scotthorrigan says:

Explained very well! thanks for the tips!

neharahansamali says:

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bl0odymary85 says:

Great job on making this tutorial!:) Very helpful!

lacustagingasa says:

Great tutorial. Very usefull. Your sound like Eddie Murphy 😀

mislam13 says:

very good tutorial, but everytime i try merging my images it says something about me using different cameras for the images, and then when i press ok and automate the entire thing, the entire pic becomes really sharp.

VOLTIS5 says:

Now THIS i can understand lol…thanks.

ramitron says:

great vid. thanks

supsorrell says:

very clear explanation.
props 🙂

Nikola Stojanovic says:

Thank you so much!

Yakimurai says:

Simple but very understandable. Thanks

Juan Guerra says:


Manos Eleftheroglou says:

great video mate,well done

thomazinjo says:

This rocked! Great vid, thanks 🙂

Mus1cMan27 says:

Thanks a bunch man!

hafiz karim says:

Watched couple of HDR tutorials yet most of them are quite hard and to technical… yours are simply easy and great!! thx a bunch!

tazzygal2 says:

i have watched quite a few hdr tutorials and never quite got it. But after watching this one I completed several HDR images. Thank you so much 🙂

surmaisham says:

wel done, excellent tetorial.

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