How to photograph Macro with Extention Tubes

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Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use Close Up Tubes aka Close Up Rings which is a budget solution for macro photography.


KungFUcat10 says:

Looking in the sky tonight I seen a great moon, I grabbed my camera with 70-300 tamron lens, I then remembered my extention tubes, these are the exact same as you have, however this would not focus with any of the tubes even if they were single or all stached on each other, is there a reson for this do you know?


What was the focal length when the extension tubes were attached? How does the focal length impact the focusing distance? For example, how close would one be able to get using a say 70-200mm lens at 200mm?

photographerjonathan says:

wow a pepper that you cut in half for graphic interests, could you be any more like the most boring teacher I ever had in school, you really need to loosen up a little bit haha, but I still enjoyed seeing your sample test shots

thewii552 says:

It doesn’t, as long as you can change lenses. This would work with film as well.

ajuk1 says:

Why does it have to be a DSLR?

amazinggadgets says:

Really nice video! Wish it was in HD though.

TheM4dC4t says:

I got the ones from the video for about 60 bugs and it also carries the signal.

Sam Sproul says:

if you don’t know yet, I’m assuming its because it carries the signal from the camera about the aperture and what-not.

SapienHunter says:

I’ve checked for original extension tubes but they seem to cost as much as the Macro lens itself. Any idea why they would charge so much for tubes that don’t even have glass in them?

Cagey75 says:

Image quality is not affected, as there is no glass in the extension tubes.

bronkaHD says:

i cant do it, my camera model is 600d, i’ve tried on manual mode, av mode, and tv mode, i hold the DOF button, without releasing it i unscrew the lens and automatically the aperture goes to 00, and i do all of this without release my finger from DOF button :/

LearnMyShot says:

i only tried it on canon. holding DOF preview button while unscrewing the lens works

LearnMyShot says:

yes works with any camera any lens. if you get original canon extension tube you get all the controls like auto-focus etc…

bronkaHD says:

dont work both ways :/

bronkaHD says:

and doing that with camera on, isn’t going harm the camera? thanks!

MsSases says:

Well they give a closer , but what about sharpness? Less than expected?
it’s the same pic when we us macro lens like 100mm or 65mm ?

Dialgausingchillrend says:

Learnmyshot what do you think of the fuji hs30? (I’m thinking of getting one for christmas)

mercuriallimit says:

does this(extension tube) work with full frame camera with L lens??

LearnMyShot says:

the problem is that you bought extension tube which is not completely compatible. So camera doesn;t recognize it. however it still workable. the only way to change f-stop is to take extension tube off set desired f-stop and them place extension tube back on , without turning the camera off. if that not going to work try holding dof preview button while doing the same.

bronkaHD says:

great video! i’ve bought my extension tube today, but i wanna change the aperture because the dog its a little bit to much, but he stays 00 always. i’ve tried manual, av, tv, and he doesn’t let me change, i get this part because the extension hasn’t any electric components, but its possible to set the aperture to like 22, save this settings and then hook the lenses and extension tube to the body? thanks!

sasktank says:

forget about av—use manuel mode

LearnMyShot says:

it means the extension tubes you got are not compatible with your camera

ivalice09 says:

I got the extender, but for some reason my T3i won’t work with it in Av mode. I don’t get it. It keeps telling me that there is no lens attached and that I can’t control the aperture.

Peregar4ik says:

You look like steve jobs in those glasses:)

Jannis Tan says:

Great video. I’m learning to use a dslr and wonder how I can have a closer macro shots without spending on the lenses. 🙂

Heleno Clemente says:

excellent and easy…

nokbuystuff says:

LOVE, Love, love this video! Thank you so, so much!

MrMorghath says:

excellent tks

hyperfocus2011 says:

AWB??? WHY not custom?

hazel7797 says:

Brilliant tutorial . . . thanks so much!

paxamericanafilms says:

good video. clear, simple, very helpful

Akshay Deshmukh says:

hello , I have got same extension tubets but the problem with that is I am not able to focus on the biger subject at a time , meaning i am not able to focus on the wide area, 🙁

apesicle says:


LearnMyShot says:

thee is not much you can do in this case, try to return extension tube and get the one that will be compatible with your camera

CasualMaggot says:

Don’t buy close-up filters. You get very soft edges when you want sharp and crispy images. Buy instead the macro tubes, or consider the Canon 500D Close-Up Lens (It has nothing to do with the 500D camera body) which is a screw-on lens. It’s about $180, and it’s lens specific, so you have to make a decision which lens you want to use it on, as there is a variety of diameters on the market. Note that the 500D is NOT a filter. filters are cheaper though, but so are cola bottle bottoms.

LearnMyShot says:

sorry for late response. Make sure your camera is comparable with the extension tube. Yes mine supports f-stop and auto-focus. Try amazon search for your camera +extension tubes and make sure it is stated in description that it will support f-stop and auto focus (manual focus is ok too, i usually manual focus anyways when close up

antonp10 says:

hi, im looking at buying extention tubes, does yours also control the aperture and focus ring? also how much was it and where would i buy it, amazon, local camera

LearnMyShot says:

attention tube can be used with all lenses , reverse ring can be attached to some and only used with lenses of came filter size

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