New Zealand…Landscape Photography – Michael SOLA

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Good day, The Book “Coins de ciel ~ Australia & New Zealand” is now released! Check it out : Just thought I would share some of the stunning landscapes of New Zealand with you… Here is a slideshow of the shots I took during a trip to New Zealand (South Island) – January 2009. Bon voyage! Michael


Scampergirl says:

Amazing photography…..NZ is so beautiful, it loves the camera.  Well done!

kaelmike03 says:

Good day,

A kiwi friend of mine calls this place ‘the 2 million dollar view’.
I took this photograph just before arriving to Queenstown.

aquariumguy101 says:

Where is the picture at 0:44 taken at?
its so blue!


Linda Borell says:

i was born there but live now in europe but i have never forgotten where I come from am so proud to be a kiwi thanks and cheers

spearfishies says:

NZ – A beautiful country.

It it is shameful that the New Zealand government agencies continue to poison this land with 1080 and Brodifacoum.

Watch the shocking truth via:

Or search youTube and watch:

Deer mass poisoned

New Zealand Rivers – The Fight to Keep Them Poison-Free

Poisoning Stewart Island – updated version, including marine impact -or-

Let us Spray – TV3 Documentary — Censored from NZ Television

spearfishies says:

See what the New Zealand government are spreading over our forests and streams at:­­­­w
1080 – pure poison

Groovydude007 says:

After I moved to Japan.

I miss New Zealand soooo much

se7enhong says:

hi ,your pictrues are so amazing ,i love then all , do you have email. ? i wanna talk to you more ^^ and i want to know more about the new zealand ,plz

calan8 says:

To expand a little, the Blue Pools is accessible from a 15min walk off the Haast Pass highway (SH6) in Mt Aspiring National Park about 8km from Makaroa.

lilyeve222 says:

the landscape looks so varied and beautiful & pure.

VlachArtist says:

Superb photos! Congratulations!

Peace and love brothers!

jmbean68 says:

Beautiful! Hope to get there someday.

bargo3590 says:

thanks for sharing wonderful slideshow pro shots.

Jackson Pettit says:

Very bright Blue lakes and rivers?

perla51 says:

Simply wonderful!!!!!! Perla.

SG9427 says:

This is amazing

whilemex says:

i’d like to live in new zealand, what do i have to do
i don’t have any friend from new zealand so i don’t have an especific place to live in.

I wan’t to have a job and live in new zealand for ever, could someone help me

breakingfreeoz says:

check out our recent trip to new zealand – two backpackers on a journey through one of the most beautiful countries on earth!!!!!!!!

kaelmike03 says:

Good day!
This shot was taken in the South Island at a beautiful spot called ” The Blue Pools”…


TheKewlkenny says:

i love nz

RheaLivesOn says:

hiii 🙂
Very nice vid.
Question: the picture at 0:09 –> where exactly was it taken?
Thanks :)

ozboyerp says:

Fantasticly Great

Well done Buddy…

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