Photography Composition Tutorial – MOST Detailed lesson for beginners. DSLR Photography basics

or copy the link (Budget Equipment) A very in depth composition tutorial which will give you tips on how to compose and frame a shot.


rukisan159 says:

Your my Number 1 Teacher for Photography!

Bojan Bojovic says:

Do you think 35mm f1.8 is boring on DX camera? No bokeh, it has natural perspective, is it boring, or I am not talented for a good composition? 🙂

shortyjenxx says:

great video! , im wondering if you can do a video tut, that explains how to do street photography, or take candid pictures.,,

Sascha M Rose says:

Cropping is not bad at all!, it’s just the professionals usually tell amateurs or less experienced people not to crop because they want them to gain better experience as a photographer and gain that ability to get the shot right from the camera, without the need for cropping. Another reason is to avoid the loss of detail, some people might crop too much and lose quality from their images, but minor cropping is not bad at all if you don’t lose quality.

tobytomic says:

If someone tells you not to crop, ignore that idiot …oh snap! good one!!!

happy21viewer says:

great! thnak you!

Dinahhs3 says:

very helpful thamks

kuunami says:

I see, thanks. I’m checking out that depth of field video right now.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

No, I don’t have photo shop and I am very against adding blur in post processing. Remember bokeh has to do with depth of field so even at f/8 and f/11 you can get a blurry background. Watch my depth of field tutorial.

kuunami says:

16:12 if that was shot at f8 is it possible that the bokeh was added in photoshop?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you! Yes, re watching the videos help. Sometimes it doesn’t click right away but the more you shoot the easier it gets. Can I assume you’re from New Jersey? I give 1 on 1 lessons in NJ.

jcasaleg says:

Your videos are great! am learning so much and plan to rewatch them over and over. Thanks for taking your time! I’d love to take a class from you in person.

maie111 says:

Thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge

Joshua Wang says:

haha thanks for the video the way he says “picture” is really funny for some reason.

CanecaProductions says:

Ignore that idiot… LMFAO!!!!! Thanks 😛

ballrootus says:

Good video thanks

psiso0011 says:

Great video man! I really appreciate your time, patience, and knowledge on this subject. Hope it continues.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Folks, the cropping comment is in reference to someone who says it’s forbidden. Watch the whole video so you know I’m not talking about cropping all the pictures. I crop less than 5% of my pictures. I only do it to make the composition better or to save the picture or to get rid of anything distracting. ALWAYS try to get the composition right in the camera and IF necessary then crop but to say that cropping is wrong no matter what is an idiotic statement. There is nothing absolute in photography

Ipoditouchreview3r says:

I wouldn’t say cropping is bad, but you should try to get it right the first time and if you have all the time you need there really is no excuse to need to crop. You shouldn’t take a picture and just be like I’ll crop it later

Jeremiah Ayala says:

It was a compliment and a message to all negative comments, your videos are great and helpful and very informative

spikytom says:

The best tutorial I have watched on composition. Subscribed both on youtube & Facebook. and Yea I agree, FB timeline sucks!!

BeachSandAngel says:

Love Love Love how you went through our Photos and pointed out some good pointers, even though none of mine were on there yet.. Posted One today will be posting more when I start having Fun, Cropping my favorite tool by far.. Why would someone want something in the picture that is gonna take the goods away..? Crop the unknowing People 🙂

shawnj908 says:

Your videos are super informative and very easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

1apadilla says:

Great video. Thanks.

TheAtch3 says:

So, so, so helpful!

iizdownwitthizz says:

I am subscribed to you but i didn’t know you had this video… I want to unsubscribe because you are confusing the shit out of me… No offense. You’re other videos are good like you’re unboxing or lightroom tutorial are very good but this video is not your best. Thanks for trying though.

rezjrprod says:

I believe in allowing enough room to crop..sometimes if you crop in camera meaning set up the shot as you see fit..if the client doesnt like the way its framed or they want different sizes it would be difficult to crop if youve filled the frame too much so I like to allow room just incase…awesome tut again mang!

Cosmic Kika says:

I loved that it was really long. Your examples have helped me so much! I will find you on facebook. :)) Thank you, thank you!!

sado1896 says:

You are doing an amazing job Jibran. You have just got yourself one more fan 🙂

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank man! Don’t forget to subscribe. Hard to share all the important tips/tricks in a few videos. Many more informative tutorials to come.

arangoitze says:

Great tutos buddy! Thanks for your time, that allows me to not waste mine!! 

appygirl970 says:

I crop all my pictures before I begin editing

appygirl970 says:

thank you

faizhashmi2000 says:

thanks for making it easy for us jibran .. long live 🙂

rodbo says:

This is my 3rd time watching this. Each time I pick up another tip that I missed somehow the previous times. These types of videos are so helpful. As you know from our previous conversations I struggle with composition. I’m honored that you selected a few of my shots where I got the composition correct. I’m now looking for placing things in the corners when composing shots…It doesn’t always work for me yet, but then I need the right subject. Thanks Again..!

Jepraw says:

Ty Jib!

Asad Malik says:

haha, you hinting at Jared Polin..!

Kiko Buenaventura says:

33:33! yeah!

MrYawn1 says:

what is the new software??

Mohamed Hazem says:

awesome Jib….

John Bodally says:

Nice video mate glad u now no how to record your screen 🙂

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