Sharpen Your Images in Photoshop! ENHANCE!

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Learn how to use the Unsharp Mask filter for complete control over your image’s sharpness. Remember to use Layer Masks! Make sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials. Links are below! | http


bulipap says:

Short, yet very informative and useful. Thank you!

Sonu Thakur says:

by iceflowestudios

Didier Hoogeveen says:

I hate how the lips get this weird green shade when you sharpen it up… Is there any way to remove such shades whilst still keeping the filter on?

xReplaayThat says:

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becktim79 says:

I guess there’s different ways to get these results. Its easier for me to put an unsharpened layer on top, and a sharpened layer on the bottom and simply erase the sharpened areas into the desired locations (eyes and mouth usually).

TheRenato3185 says:

you know, i was watching CSI, and many times i’ve beed asking how do they sharpen images so good, now i finally got an answer. Thank you.

charif omar says:



cs5.5 is the best in my opinion.

amishek yadav says:


Emeka Albert says:

I like that…

Evandiego16 says:

Quick, easy to understand and no BS. Thanks!

Arsllan Wazeer says:

very well keep it up watch more HD 3D at my blog

Neo Quello says:

i have a blurry image…
Can somebody please do this for me??…

grakgee says:

You are wonderful, thank you!

Zooparkk says:

CS6 is the better and the last version! (:

xohad had says:

jo me photoshop use ker raha how us me to aysa kuch nahi hay ?
plz help me
photoshop 7.0

xohad had says:

plz tell me which version of photoshop use ?

Joe Zucker says:

Great sharpness :)

PHANizHenCHedOut says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! greatness

Zooparkk says:

Thaaaank you!

williohyea says:

been knew this I just never told anyone though, pretty nice technique to use. You draw this awesome picture and then you’re like it can’t get better than this and then boom you discover this.*It Changes EVERYTHING* great video o spreading the word(unmask technique)

rai subash says:

very good train.

TWspk66 says:

you speak quite fast….but nice tutorial..;)

RandomoGaming says:

Just to let ya know…. You der man!!! All your videos are brilliant and clear!

Maximum PhotoShops says:

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sceamson says:

You solved a lot big problem.Thanks a lot

ToppDogg73 says:

Quality tutorial. Cheers man!

semugegbubemi14 says:


Richard James says:

nice video kip it up

Lokautable says:

it say that its nothing inside my selected area but theres an image..

disjonteg1 says:


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FantasticHakon says:


bluglass99 says:

Really clear video, thanks….one of the best.

vrielone says:

good! you saved my life

TUTIMIO123 says:

Can used to hide dark mark on the face?

Kasper Mølgaard says:

Thx 4 Vid dude……

purush medisetti says:


SuperAhmed1337 says:

Why not use smart sharpen and have even more control… eh.

Hallo503 says:

You are so awesome! I wish I could subscribe to you twice 😀

faltrax says:

I was too busy looking at the chick..I didn’t understand a thing..!

katerina84 says:

looks great!

Callum Mcleavy says:

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52779able says:

couldnt u just use sharpen tool?

whatelsesweetie says:

very helpful. thank you .

re4gamez says:

how about fuzzy pictures??

reereemcbeth says:

I really apprieciate your tuts….thanks SO much, from someone who takes great photos, but was just missing the knowledge of how to get indepth creativity via PShop…you are brilliant. Thank you so much…keep em coming.

OhKTutorials says:

I do photoshop tutorials. and i answer to requests. so check them out and S U B S C R I B E  I F Y O U L I K E.

Misharussia78 says:

thanks good tutorial, i also use erase tool to remove sharp parts i want to keep soft. Usually you want to sharpen eyes/eyelashes, eyebrows lips and noseholes!

Roaringpants says:


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