Digital Photography Flash Tutorial

or copy the link We are back with another Super Secret Project Video, this time a simple tip for getting better flash pictures. How many of you use the flash on your camera and realize that your images looks plain. flat and boring? Well in this video I give you a few tips to give your images some more dimension when using the flash. We simply get out of the auto setting where the camera always sets the flash to 1/60th of a second and instead shoot it in manual. To see how I set the camera to get a better flash exposure check out the video and sample images at


hzzn says:

Thanks for the tip. I guess this is to demonstrate what ou can accomplish using your pop up flash, but at such low shutter speeds won’t this cause tons of blurring? You’re not exactly going to get tack sharp photos.

WePrimates says:

You definately acomplished more dimension in the background, but the second shot at 1/10th of a second looks mushy and blurry compared to the first.

not only is there more blur from the slow shutter speed, but probably some mirror slap as well.

Also, your technique for taking a steady shot is probably in the top 1000th percentile, what happens when an average shooter trys this? I think the shot might wind up looking really horrible.

Ryuing2020 says:


Kyle Harrelson says:

Hey fro, I was wondering what city you live in? It looks like you have great photography spots outdoors.

wadekong says:

Thank you , that was helpful.

skeinstein007 says:

having very low shutter speed means the image will be blurry? how to compensate on that aside from using tripod and when your subject just can’t stop moving…

Marcophillian says:

thanks Jared you tips are very useful. Keep inspiring the masses. Cheers

Gidenkidenk says:

My friend just ordered his 430 ex for 7D, never done flash photography so this weekends shoot should go good with this video

burubura says:


Victor montes de oca says:

Photography bob ross¡¡¡ great info do, thnx¡¡¡

brains7733 says:

Great tutorial, BaldWantsToKnowPhoto meets Froknowsphoto…..Perfect !!

Sam Rogghe says:

that was an awesome video, learned something new.

David Sklenar says:

Your hair is covering the litle flash 😀

BBMJ21Login says:

Your fro acts like a bounce card when you uwse the pop up flash!!! AWESOME!!XD

rlzbcln says:

nice done jared! thank you!

Nael Al.Johani says:

Forever Alone !

dnavaez says:

Did you use the flash at its full power?

BitfeNicks says:

This video is great! I was always shooting at a higher shutter speed when using my pop up flash. No wonder I wasn’t happy with my images. Thanks Fro!

swaggalikeriz says:

No he was part of LMFAO!

Hickeydog2365 says:

Dude.  Your fro scares me.

filmsallday says:

Did you go to photography/film school or anything like that?

airbrat says:

What’s a good rule of thumb when manually setting your ISO and shutter speed? How do you know what setting to use?

makaio81 says:

What kind of lens are you using to shoot this video?

tkp062 says:

cool Subject, I am new to digital Been doing film as a hobbiest for years. Comparing Film ISO to Digital ISO, Where do we start running into noise and does it effect our enlargements.
oh By the way thanks. I ve learned a lot from you video’s you doa great job!!!

ChoiceDesign67 says:

suggestion – when comparing two shot do a side by side and leave them up while you talk – Thanks, Love your vids.

DJGReviews says:

you have a sick house! also, im jealous that your white and have an afro:(

s3cr3tpassword says:

this guy is just awesome. the fro really tops it off too. 😀

Kevan Dykmans says:

great video about flash. Do you have any more?


Juan David Franco Daza says:

There should be a “Jared” mode in my Nikon 😉

Hamzah Ahmad says:

I just tested it out. It makes a significant differents. Great tip, Thanx.

LoyalT100 says:

3:14 – 3:16 genie style

rob ord says:

hope we could have less talk and more photos.

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