How to create an Animated GIF with GIMP

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It’s pronounced “JIF” PROOF BELOW New updated tutorial, done in GIMP 2.6 can be found at the link below! This is a basic tutorial on how to animate a GIF image using the GIMP.


XxnolchxX says:

Thank you so much for this!

Liana Garrett says:

When I say “GIF” I literally just say Jif-i-mean-Gif-or-whatever because they both sound correct to me and so far I haven’t offended anybody.

Riokushinaku says:


Theres12345678 says:

It’s pronounced gif, not jif, what are you? French?!

ReforeSetka says:

Your brushes are neopets! c: That’s so cute~.

kkfcheer says:

“Yeah, obviously this sucks.” haha@! This is great, thank you!

Joseph Olorenshaw says:

It matters so so little, but it stands for Graphic Interchange Format so yeah it is pronounced Gif. Glad we cleared that one up

dmanbiker says:

Yeah since torrents are only used for illegitimate purposes and not to download totally legal files.

EpicWinGamingCrew says:

uTorrent you bad boy…
6:45 just as he clicks save as, there’s a uTorrent link

Shelbyy Ann says:

Seriously you guys, why is everyone complaining about “gif” when clearly we should be taking the time to appreciate his Neopet brushes.

Thanks for the tut.

thexninja1372 says:

thumbs up if you recognised he was whistling to mario

Brendan Walton says:

I’m guessing here as i just watched this video to make my first one as well.

I can think of a couple ways this could happen. For instance, GIMP has a method of animation that simply places the frames on top of each other. If you have transparent parts of your image than the images below may be showing through them. Try optimizing your image ( filters at top > animation > optimize > difference ).

You can also try to play around with the settings in the export window if you are using 2.6.

David Scott says:

When I try this, instead of getting and animated image, I get a moving image with a trail behind it. In other words after an image is played it remains on the screen while all the other images are played. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

DethOfDrgnz says:

I got a question what if you are trying to edit a already existing animated gif. I have a video I made into a animated gif. The problem is the animation is too slow. Is there anyway I can select all the frames and alter the time of them all at once, rather then altering the duration 1 frame at a time. It’s over 300 frames and to go in and manual change 300 frames will take over a hour at least. There has to be a simple way of doing it.

modernMage1 says:

Thanks this helped out alot

jetro949 says:

you suck

pasvivant says:


FatScotishguy says:


pasvivant says:

Oh please.

Cottencandy5yrs says:

Thanks Dude!

FatScotishguy says:


pasvivant says:


FatScotishguy says:


pasvivant says:

Um, no he’s not. The creator of the gif format has already said it’s pronounced JIF. And learn English and how to you use periods, what the fuck?

FatScotishguy says:

because he is pronouncing it wrong and your wrong there is a right and wrong way of pronouncing it did you not learn in school your a bi ki di

pasvivant says:

I know. :)

guy0731 says:

Actually, the inventor of the .GIF image saving format goes on record as saying that the correct way is to pronouce it as JIF, and the source is in the video description…

pasvivant says:

Yeah. But, the person who made gifs said it is pronounced “Jif”. But people can pronounce it however they want to I just get sick of people saying someone pronounced it wrong.

sladikk says:

It’s like the plural of octopus(octopuses and octopi are equally acceptable). There’s no wrong answer.

ShadowSoldior says:

Thanks for the help. gonna see if I can make one now. Free GIF software always puts a site address watermark on the picture or something.

hstrgrl says:

It wouldn’t let me respond! It was so annoying. Probably all my browser plugins, being overly protective. Anyway, thanks again!

dmanbiker says:

Lol, I didn’t block any responses and I know it’s all in good fun.

hstrgrl says:

Wooo! My responses aren’t blocked anymore. For the love of all that’s holy, I was making a joke. Pronounce it however you like, you gave me the info I was looking for & that’s all that matters. Calm down, chillin’s.

SeedsForBrains says:

Yay! Thank you! <3

TheRealJustin31 says:


ghostskater2332 says:

thanks bro you helped alot ^^

H1tach11n says:

You gave me a headache by moving the damn cursor every millisecond

eliotttheo says:

You go too fast

ColorCatProductions says:

I love to animate, and I use GIMP. Windows Movie Maker always gives me a hard time, so this might make my life a lot easier!!! =D Thanks!!! =3

wojciech niedzwiacki says:

Thx bro 😀

pasvivant says:

Yeah, I know. I just think it’s crazy people are really talking about that. And Jif sounds better than Gif anyway. 🙂

Fukamikami says:

The creator of the gif said it was pronounced “jif”

Freedownloadsful says:

can i create the Jiffylube logo as a Jiff?

onehotminutex says:

I pronounce it JIF. Who cares?

katylillegard says:

Just because he pronounces gif differently than you doesn’t mean the pronunciation is wrong.

dave stonebraker says:

thanks that helped alot. i was looking for a way to make animation for my sprites for my game maker.

MrDarkHatman says:

Thank you.

TevoGames says:

Take Jreat care while doinj this.

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