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Like me on FaceBook Model Photo Shoot at Santa Monica Beach. 5 Looks. 1 Day. Go Behind The Scenes in HD. Photographer: Arthur St. John Model: Paloma Lozano Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist: Amelia Todd Behind The Scenes Videographer: Brett Miller Video Editor: Joshua Himes Photography Assistant: Alfredo Chocano Background Music: “What Is My Purpose? [Revenge!]” by KatazTrophee Thank you for watching and your continued support ! Arthur St. John Photography


Nexus Cordel says:

How do get those effects in the video? is that done in post?

GLÁUCIA Maccari says:

SHOW de Bolaaaaaaa

arthurstjohn says:

Canon 17-40mm F/4 L

Robert Mecaj says:

I see u use the same lens for most of your shoots, is that the 85mm 1.4?

Tee Jaay says:

Ur photos r absolutely amazing!

AmorCG says:

I love your videos, but I especially LOVE the fact that you respond to the questions you receive!! *thumbs up*

juliogonzalez1846 says:

“beautiful enjoy”

gotDesign says:


perfectstranger232 says:

But much hotter :P

gotDesign says:

I see snooki face everywhere, a clone perhaps?

HermioneRules16 says:

Not that good looking in real life but in photos speechless

PersianGangamStyle says:

amazing lighting and photoshop work

PersianGangamStyle says:

lol she does look like a thinner version of snooki !! LOL

Joaojbq says:

Great video!

MrBigTimeDJ says:

brilliant photography

Timothy Kum Too says:

Why? you can clearly see in the video that he is using the Canon 17-40.. F/4 L.

akopoplasipaul says:

Hello Arthur, I am wondering if you are using any filters to pop out the details of the clouds in all of our images? Thank you more power and God Bless

bobstazagas says:

Sorry, That lens can not be F4.

BestTutorialVideos says:

stunning work

arthurstjohn says:

for more power.

arthurstjohn says:

i use a hensel 1000 watt/sec strobe, i also have several 500 watt/sec heads

arthurstjohn says:

22inch BD. canon 17-40mm F/4 L

arthurstjohn says:

i used a canon 50D for this shoot.

arthurstjohn says:

also the 70-200mm F/4 L for the last look.

arthurstjohn says:

i used a canon 17-40mm F/4 L

playop says:

great photos, especially the post-processing. they look great!

ElissaThe95 says:

what kind of lens did he use?????

jun ling says:

CONTEST GIVE AWAY ! Green Screen Contest ( Open / World wide July 12, 2012)
w w

isitsurgical says:

What is the make and model of the camera he is using?

beautyfullones says:


Sub Way says:

incredible results. 1 of my favorite videos so far!!!

ja01975 says:

Did not notice the electic fan?

crispycritterz says:

Shooting on windy days….. GAAAAHHH!


I got photos from pismo beach CA, I would like to show you. Email me at or add me on Facebook Javier Delgado got the photos on there.. its not Photoshop its all camera


Great photos man I wish I could meet you.. and be a like you ppl say I got good eyes but I want to get to the top like u.. that’s my wish

treywilly431 says:

Awesome work, wish I was half as good as you!!!

ja01975 says:

16-22inch dish does not matter…speedlights just are not strong enough for higher fstops

RoyalAcesFilm says:

what size BD were you using? and what lens?

ja01975 says:

I tried this…not enough power spread from the speedlights when mounted on a BD to overpower the sun.

Mitsuca Benoit says:

Great pictures

Gerry Magno says:

Hi Arthur, Just wanna ask why do you have 1 dish and a octobox at the same time pointing on the same direction? Than ks

Photo314159 says:

Nice work! Do you know of any way to run a beauty dish off a speedlight?

ian robinson says:

top notch, what can I say….

wonder if this is like hdr .

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