Set Your Photographs Apart with These Incredible Pro-Lighting Techniques

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This is the trailer for our Fashion and Beauty Lighting Secrets DVD. Part out our Pro Photography Masterclass DVD series. Get More FREE Training at my website: See how these stunning shots were created from start to finish. Broaden your knowledge of studio and location lighting for Beauty Portraiture and Fashion Photography as Karl Taylor reveals some of his incredible lighting secrets. In this programme Karl shows you 9 incredible lighting set-ups and model shoots in an easy to understand format that will give your images that professional edge. On this DVD you will learn: * Beauty Studio Lighting * Soft Light on Location * Lighting Panels * Soft Dish Techniques * Fashion Lighting * Mixed Lighting Sources for Drama * Fashion Lighting on Location * Beauty Dish and Backgrounds Get More FREE Training at my website:


Edmund Tawiyah says:


branham Allen says:

can you show how you built the mini set?

beatweezl says:

Wow. This guy is good.

muslin backdrops says:

Great! You are my inspiration.. I am impress in your work..

alphaphotoandvideo says:

so much info in such small video

sabbathack says:

Excuse me, but its “WTF, YOU’RE AWESOME!” 🙂

MagnumUA says:


JaVinchyProductions says:


Emily Wolf says:

yeah but still there’s loads more i can do with a d700 rather than a shit phone camera

Mhmd Masalkhi says:

Man you rock!

Raymond Cooper says:

Very professional.

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

Very impressive!

kiewif2 says:


darkspeed62 says:

Yes but sometimes equipment isnt up to capturing what you want and thus limits creativity.

mitsubishidiamante says:

dude that Camera his using are so expensive

willysan89 says:

I cant afford that kinda of lighting stuff

Raffix394 says:

You can even do amazing pictures with just a old cellphone camera if you have the skill, i can post you a link from another photographie yt channel showing just that. The most important thing with photography isn’t the Camara it’s the person behind it 😉

AdamoMoreno says:

1:20 is seriously one of my favorite photos…EVER.

octavio montano says:

The more I see your videos the more inspired u get to go out there and take some photo shots. Thanks

fall4589 says:


Hunter Davis says:

REALLY great shots! This guy has my kind of taste.

joalgose24 says:


createfxUK says:

Great Lighting tips and stunning images

Get by U says:

i realy like ur last photo in this video……….Realy great photographer……….

amostsoulfulcolour says:

bro ur work is incredible, respect from australia

Hachithe8 says:

I paused the video to say that the photograph with the falling chair…amazing. lol

Indiegaze says:

WOW! fantastic video!! Learned more from this video, then all other videos I’ve seen on youtube about photography combined! Thank you! Please add more!

FinlandApollo says:

And finally a photographer who knows how to show people, how to make awesome pictures, without any mess or chaos. Also he knows how to create nice poses and pictures!

Duarte Castelo Branco says:


motocrossrider4life says:

what software is he using to go straight from the camera on to the computer?

Paul Sayer says:

this shots are phenomenal mate.

Kighlor says:

It’s a Hasselblad.

Harwell Dekatron says:

Depending on the components, one of the most expensive stills cameras in the world. It’s a Hasselblad with a digital back.

Brandon Hammond says:

What is the bulky ass grey camera he is using at 0:28

JETrader908 says:

Great video! Love the tipped chair.

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