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Featuring David “The Strobist” Hobby in our season finale, taking on the cheap camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera (a kid’s camera) and 3 Family Jewels Fuq 690 flashes. Then we give David 5 challenges, 5 locations, 5 subjects, and he has to shoot them all with just this cheap setup and his resourcefulness. David’s Blog: David Hobby on Twitter David’s Flickr page: Part of the “Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge” series. Pro photographers from around the world take on the challenge to use one cheap camera to do a pro photo shoot. But just what will happen? We take David to photograph: a snake master with an orgy of snakes (including cobras); bamboo bouncing noodle makers; sealing stone making; a bright yellow Lamborghini and a Shaolin Monk martial arts expert. Special thanks to: She Wong Lam Snakes Shop Mr. Mak Sifu Kwan Kee Bamboo Noobles Sealing Stone DIY Studio Kady Fung – Local artist, founder of Sealing Stone DIY Studio Vibrant Car Wrap Shaolin Kung Fu International Culture Association Lau Sifu “Shaolin Kung fu master” — student from the Shaolin kung fu 34th generation 少林三十四代弟子”


Mio Orion says:


hidoisensei says:

I think it’s still moving in my mouth-oh, that’s my tongue.

Stutodude says:

Would be nice if you actually showed us the resulting photos!

Edwin Canlapan says:

Thanks Sixteen0Four

Edwin Canlapan says:

Thanks for the info. Big help.

DuckMrBrown says:

If just one people reads this, then Is not going to be a waste of time. I’m filmmaker and I just post a couple of videos in my channel. I don’t need money or nothing, I just want to show my work. Thanks a lot if you have a couple of minutes to check it out, if not thanks for read this anyway… Thanks


stupid me, i shouldnt have watched the snake skinning ._. i dont like snakes 🙁

hayrobert1 says:

Love you alamby.

Aidobobobobob says:

Fuck. 69. Oh.

jt663 says:

No you do, its a joke because Audi own Lamborghini..

KatiexKIRA says:

I love this videos! I love to see how these top photographers think.

DolvenProd says:

DRTV is recorded with a Canon EOS 5D, I’m not sure if it is the mark II or mark III.

Vasyl Syniuk says:

I love Cheap Camera Challenge, I love DigitalRev!
If u 2 like it!

Conor Nugent says:

Audi Quattro you need learn your cars

MrPutrifyingEagor says:

Hi There,The DRTV guys shows are all mostly filmed by Lok,he uses a 5D MKIII,an outstanding camera for both stills and movie.

rag1818 says:

Car license plate visible at 17:04

Sixteen0Four says:

It’s a feature of the flash. There is a photo diode that tells the flash to fire when another flash fires. That way you can sync flashes without radio triggers oder infrared.


The flash of the cheap camera goes off which sets off the expensive flash. So its the flash not the camera

diptapsp says:

How to use the flash gun with that cheap camera?

MapleKaomiii says:

it’s actually a toyota corrola.

DuckMrBrown says:

I’d love to see a Phillip Bloom’s cheap camera challenge… !!!! Please

niwrem1 says:

i see a lot of people here making a big deal about the yellow audi quattro -___- when clearly lamborghini is owned by audi

niwrem1 says:

dude… did you not know that audi owns lamborghini?

niwrem1 says:

he wasn’t, audi owns lamborghini

Benji Masterton says:

The ND filter would have cost more than the whole rig (Buzz Cam and Fuqing Flashes) hahah

Benji Masterton says:

god damn Lok! 😉

Majid Muhassan Foto says:

LOL @ Fu*K flash I mean fuq flash…

kitedh says:

Causing a shitstorm with the Audio Quattro thing, haha. Your plan worked well

ThePeoplesGuru says:

I see what you did there with the quattro.

TiagoTiagoT says:

That place doesn’t seem to respect the animals much (almost not at all)…i don’t wanna watch the rest of the video…

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