Strobist Tutorial: Pinups n’ Hotrods

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Go behind the scenes with conceptual photographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography as he takes you shooting a retro pinup model and hotrod using nothing but speedlights (flashes) in an sunlit environment. Learn to use to use the sun to your advantage and light a vehicle with speedlights in a true Strobist approach



Great job!

kogyu kouki says:

Hey there, have you come across “Photo SFXart Tricks” (google it)? There you will find a great free video demonstrating the right way to make outstanding photographs. It helped Matt to take pictures that have a jaw-dropping-effect while you look at them. Perhaps it will work for you too…

strippped says:

i checked my right speaker

GeneEdgarPhotography says:

I know this is 2 years late, but thank you for this. I’ve been trying to figure out how to light a shoot like this.

Praet0ri4n says:

What are these radio transmitters are You using to trigger your speedlights ?

MrReyserpiente says:

the audio sucks!!!

jack johnson says:

what lens are you using bro?

Jimi Aditiajaya says:

Manual setting flash vs TTL which one do you like?

Derek Comer says:

straight to the point, i love your videos, you dont talk a load of BULL, you just keep telling us, to expose for the ambiance light and let the speed lights light the model,, AT LAST I GET IT!!! Thank You

westcoasthaase says:


ednikkel says:

Hey Big Ben, nice tutorial. I have a question, I’m an amateur photographer who is having loads of fun shooting. Lately I’ve getting wrapped up in all the gizmos. I got people telling to use more softboxes rather then umbrellas or use beauty dishes rather then softboxes. It’s starting to not be fun anymore. Your a pro and just use umbrellas. Is there really a difference. Or do they all give the same result in the end.

Brandon Maieli says:

really cool video, i like that you used a very simple and affordable setup

MrSamHell says:

why did you use a reflective umbrella and not a shoot-thru?

cloudshadowsanddream says:


nassimzoki says:

Hello, have you heard of “MagicSFXphoto” (google it)? On their website you will find a useful free video demonstrating the best way to shoot incredible pictures. This made it possible for Matt to shoot photos which have a wow-effect after you look at them. It might help you out as well…

startphotography says:

Photography is all about lighting. Nicely done.

Graham Farey says:

Nice tutorial. Very informative, well produced and narrated

John Wojciechowski says:

Great video with good ideas. Love that you’re using modest lenses and flash equipment. Very lovely model and she fits right with the motif of shoot. Excellent!

Angel Hdz says:

Hey man thanks for all the videos 🙂 I really appreciate that a talented guy like you shares some knowledge. Just a little suggestion I have to give you, DON´T use rechargable batteries in speedlights, with time it messes them up. I really dont know the excact causes but it has something to do with the power draining from the batteries in a different way that regular batteries run out of power.

MsAdH17 says:

brafo!!! this is another good tutorial from U.. thanks for sharing the knowledge bro…

Warsteinerinfinity says:

I like to photograph models even if its free.I enjoy working with it.Nice model and nice tutorial

Punkarazzi says:

Excellent video!! Thank you for taking the time to do this. Respect your talent and craft 🙂 I have much to learn as a photographer and this tutorial helped. Like finding the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Just thought the outfit didn’t fit too well for the hot rod/pinup theme though. I could be wrong but the outfit looked like something from the 60s, not the 50s or from the era the car you used for the shoot belonged to. Her outfit says Austin Powers to me not Vintage Hotrod/Pinup.

pef23 says:

LOL at “waddle with speedlite”. Love your work man.

IZionDawta says:

i think you’re great. awesome videos

acierman7589261 says:

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Alex Maximov says:


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