The Awakening- A Strobist Tutorial

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Go behind the scenes with Commerial Photographer and Cinematographer Ben Sant of BTS Photography as he demonstates some practical lighting technics to capture a cinematic theme. Want to know more about this concept? See more at: Follow me on the Facebook See more of Amy Savannah: Also on 500px and Flickr!


Shamas Chaudhry says:

Awesome video man, can you do a video on your post processing…looks really amazing! Thanks!

bigbs4 says:

Manfrotto 420B Convert Boom Stand

bigbs4 says:

Funny you say that.  I had been on conference calls prior to the session and realized I was wearing the damn thing halfway in to shoot. Not my camera man nor anyone else said a thing. I guess I could pass it off as some type of new technology that links to your camera’s autofocus servo and focuses the camera where ever your eyes move.

bigbs4 says:

Their is no dodging or buring the skin at all. the lighting effect on the skin was done all “in-camera” by lighting the scene correctly. Post processing only inlcluded smoothing out the skin (model was cold) using Imagnomic’s Portraiture Plugin, adding Curves Adjustment layer for color grading the image, adding texture to the BG, and brightening the lanterns.

bigbs4 says:

I built 3 flats for 40 bucks minus the paint. My bad.

nljuba says:

10:04 this is so wrong… 🙂

AMAEntertainment01 says:

Lots of good info…but I would like to see more photos in your tutorials.
Really like your post work.


Michael Richard says:

Great! video Ben. Can you do a video on how you edit the photos from this video thx.

Paul Emmanuel Cantuba says:

Cool video, and great shots, may I ask how did you edit in post the skin It’s a really nice effect, did you dodge and burn it? Hope you post another video tutorial on how you did that, thanks! 😀

braxxen75 says:

Really nice video.
But what is the deal with the handsfree thingi stuck in your ear Ben… 🙂

Robert Wolf says:

Good to see you again Ben, keep em comiin’, it’s been too long…

msungurung says:

Wise I had a chance to be your assistant so I could learn of fashion and studio photography.

MrKickassbanana says:

Really nice result! Thumbs up!

Patrick Freichel says:

Nice video !!
Nice work !!

Sachin Magdum says:

sir you r great artist

Preston House says:

Realy nice! Ben, what boom arm do you use? I looking to purchase one myself.

lhlumby says:

Great shots, Ben. I really like your toning.

lhlumby says:

Great shots, Ben. I love your toning.

Chris Issac says:

Awesome..Taking Amazing Photos..Amazing shoot!
Really dig this style Ben =,= thumbs up!

gtirgti says:

Great video!!! I see you from Mexico City you videos are awesome !!

stihlpro1 says:

The longer the better.

PhotoFashionLove says:

Greetings from Florida!! This video totally made me like you even more!!! Gosh you’re awesome! I’m also a photographer and this is the exact type of work I would LOVE to do!! Keep up the excellent work!

aciddevil says:

Hey Ben,

Your tutorials and lighting setups are awesome!…and you have a great personality.

Thanks for sharing!

Palmstar125 says:


LeConcerto says:

Gorgeous model, EXCELLENT concepts and execution! I always look forward to your videos ^_^

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