The Basement Strobist Episode One: What Flash and where do I buy them?

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Your Questions Answered. A first of several webisodes geared toward answering beginner strobist and off camera lighting questions. In this first episode, we dicuss what kind of lights / flashes to buy and where to get them as well as how to mount them on a light stand


bigbs4 says:

You are limited to the Sync Speed of your camera. You will need to a radio system that is capable of high speed syncing such as the Pocket Wizard TT1/TT5 Flex.

Elmar Melikoff says:

hi my friend, i use YN rf 603 trigger but i can`t use over 1/200 what i can do? how i can use them over 1/200? is it possoble with this trigger?

Kelly M. says:

I loved the videos, his work!

bigbs4 says:

You’ll need to get a radio system that fires TTL such as the newer Pocketwizard TT1/TT5 Flexes or the newer Radio Poppers.  Personally, unless I am in a run and gun situation such as a mad wedding, I never use TTL. With TTL, everytime you press the shutter, the exposure is metered slightly different, delivering a different quantity of light from your TTL flashes. This inconsistency can be a major time consuming problem when editing an set or learning lighting. I highly recommend Manual Modes.

multimediaarts says:

what if my trigger does not fire with TTL off camera?

bigbs4 says:

The Paul C. Buff Cyber Syncs do not support High Speed Syncing… You must go with the late model Pocket Wizards or Radio Poppers. As I have not invested in this type of triggering system, I still shoot in optimal lighting conditions or utilize longer focal lengths and Neutral Density Filters to get a shallow DOF in bright and harsh lighting conditions.

bigbs4 says:

TTL Flashes have to be set in TTL Mode, even if they are off the camera. TTL modes are capable even if the flash is off the camera

multimediaarts says:

does TTL flashes become manual everytime it is off-camera?

grabedigger says:

A Grudio ahahahah xD

Кирилл Чалпанов says:

Hi, tell me pls… your triggers by AlienBees… does it support a FP-sync (hss)? how do u go without this option if it not supported in your sync’s? tnx

abojory1431 says:

d you did’t talk abut lens !!

but thanks t

Michay Diez says:

I really liked your videos. And I’ll request you if you can make a tutorial for photoshop editing. Thanks.

bigbs4 says:

This is indeed a home-made beauty dish based on the design of David Tejada. Google his name and beauty dish and you’ll pull up the links to his site and the instructions for making one yourself. They are designed for the Nikon SB-800, but with some modifications, you could create one to fit most speedlights

ikezz says:

Hi, which beauty dish you have in a your video? self made?

bigbs4 says:

No Hot Shoe as threads for mounting them to a tripod or stand. Nikon’s late model flashes such as the SB-800 has a small flat “foot” with 1/4″ standard threads for mounting.  Lightstands are roughly 75.00 USD. I advise to save up until you can afford one. Jury rigging runs the risk of ruining or dropping you hard earned flash 🙂

RadicalEditing says:

Hey I got one question. I cant afford a light stand. Does the original flash shoe(that comes together when purchasing) has a screw mount for tripod at the bottom?

DobsonPhotography says:

Hows them local Camel stores coming along? Great video and helped a lot thanks! 

bigbs4 says:

Nikon SB-24, Nikon SB-25,

jenniferoudaimy says:

what brand and model of flashes are you showing us in this video?

lightpoacher says:

Great info thankyou for uploading.regards

bigbs4 says:

In the video we stated that we are shooting in Manual Mode and the Flash is in Manual Mode. Find a flash that has a PC Sync jack and a Manual mode. You’ll be good to go. When you shoot on manual, brand specific flashes really don’t matter. In the video, I talked what places and resources to find them.

Linda Holder says:

What flash woud I buy for Canon 7d? An affordable one.

SenoreQueso says:

Keep ’em coming!

Avecfort says:

Good stuff! Looking forward to the next episode : )

Thuglife1000 says:

Thanks! Great tutorial. I am so anxious to see the next video! Please upload it soon!!!

sauroborsi says:

wow… great video… u’re so good at explaining,,, thanks

js091402 says:

Great video…keep them coming! Thanks!

Robert Wolf says:

nice work

jaggtmolina says:

good stuff man

Shaine Warren says:

Thank You, please continue these videos. Very helpful.

Marcus Johnson says:

Cool video… Thanks! Can you give a tour of your basement studio. Thanks

Zeno C says:

Thanks B!…………Tight video. good info bro.

playerito2009 says:

nice video… I subcribed to your channel when I saw your shooting with the model and the dogs!!! you made a great job

in2food says:

I like your style. Can’t wait for you to move up in level a bit. I’m ready to get into more intermediate subjects…. Keep ’em coming!

Christian Gibson says:

Great, can’t wait for the next video 🙂

PachulizPunk says:

Thanks bigbs4!

Webster Parinas says:

great job man!

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