Adding headphone monitoring to your Canon DSLR with the Sescom Monitoring cable – DSLR FILM NOOB

or copy the link Note: This cable does not yet work with the t3i. One of the features that makes the Canon 5d Mark III look so attractive is the new audio monitoring port. Canon should have included this port long ago, but I guess there is no point in complaining now. I’ve covered other methods that allow you to add headphone monitoring to your camera (See link: ), but the Sescom USB to 3.5mm female cable is probably the most elegant. A single cable with no adapters turns out to be a pretty handy method for monitoring audio. This adapter does require Magic lantern to work properly. Also note that the audio output of the Canon t2i maxes out at 6db, which is enough to drive a normal par of headphones but the output level isn’t extremely loud. If you need more volume or don’t want to adjust headphone levels using the menu, I still recommend adding a headphone amplifier like the Fiio E5 to the mix. You can find the Sescom DSLR-550D-HOCF here: And the Fiio Headphone pocket amplifier can be found here: Equipment used in this video: Canon 7d Canon t2i Canon 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Sigma 24mm f1.8 Sescom DSLR-550D cable Sennheiser G2 wireless system


alphaphotoandvideo says:

there is a beta version now

emilerk says:

Why not use any mini usb to jack 3.5? does it really need the sescom one?

raketkiller says:

No, ML is just for Canon devices.

James Welling says:

Anybody want my 600D for a straight swap for 550D body only?

Dan Coscarella says:

we do not yet have an offering for the 6D – we will continue to look into this and will be making an announcment when we create a solid solution

Roberto Lira says:

Hi do you have a solution for the 6D?

josh allsworth says:

I hit the trash can button and it does nothing, I have the 550d.

Quincy Milloy says:

Magic Lantern is not yet released for the 650D/T4i, though serious progress has been made in the last month. Look for it sometime next year.

Rigger Triviño says:

how i can monitoring audio with canon eos 650D?

onelonedork says:

I haven’t tested the cable on the 6d yet, but I’m guessing its ML only.

thelonelydirector says:

Will this cable work with the new 6D? Or is it ONLY for Magic Lantern equipped cameras.

JandCphotography says:

@onelonedork its not dodgy at all 🙂 you simply match the peak output before clipping from the camera to the volume of amplifier, if your audio gets too loud you know its clipped. There is no way of monitoring on the t3i so it is actually incredibly useful! I appreciate that it isn’t purfect but its worked great for me for many months. Its never the same as true monitoring but its only a small step away. Everyone loves your diy theories but this will help many people on unsupported cameras 🙂

onelonedork says:

It’s also not monitoring the audio, it’s just monitoring the microphones output. You can peak or have horrible noise in camera and you wont know it with this “dodgy” method. On top of not giving you the audio recorded by the camera, you are also left with a mess of wires and connections to deal with, which could cause even more problems.

JandCphotography says:

Incorrect. This is how i monitor audio from my 600D. I take the output lead (3.5mm) from my microphone and plug that into a female to female connector. On the other side, i plug in a simple 3.5mm splitter attatch an aux cable to one output and send that to the camera, then place another aux cable into the splitter and send that to my headphone amplifier. Plug headphones into amplifier. This technique doesnt need dodgy magic firmware and costs about £5 for leads. There is always another way! 🙂

SarahtheWimpykid says:

does it work with the canon 60d?

GYMfilm says:

What headphones do you use? Are they good for sound canceling?

James Welling says:

Sorry people, just to clarify, what is the easiest way to monitor sound from your Canon T3i/600D?

onelonedork says:

Not yet, the magic lantern team is still working on it.

adamgan10101 says:

does this work with the 7D ?


Does this work on the Nikon D3200?

efexvisions says:

is does now. there is a nightly build out. i just tested it. its working just awesome

olliecull0808 says:

Well I know why he doesn’t use his camera he can’t afford a converter

Christopher Hall says:

Will any mini usb to 3.5mm jack cable work for this? 

olliecull0808 says:

Yeovil movies is cool but needs improving he should use his new camera more!

olliecull0808 says:

But you need me to lend you a phono coupler too

olliecull0808 says:

What are you on about you use a av to phono then a phono to 3.5mm jack then a 3.5mm coupler complex!!

yeovilmovies says:

i just use a hdmi to 3.5mm jack-much easier and cheaper-that i got of a mate

Esteban Pinilla says:

why does the t3i dosent work with it? can you explain me with details please!!

oldschooldude2 says:

and as far as i can tell, you cant check the levels or mess with them.

oldschooldude2 says:

seriously, I dont know how they could leave out a headphone jack.

Kainthemain says:

the cable you are reffering to does not support 2.3. What to do? I have a 550 d by the way!

DeadSeaProductions says:

Is this the least expensive method. Are there any other options to achieving this?

TvJohannLemoine says:

What cable do i need for the 5 d mark 2?

jenksandartt says:


onelonedork says:

Not yet.

Mansor AlQarni says:

does this shit work on t4i “650d”

onelonedork says:

Magic Lantern doesn’t support audio out on the T3i yet.

Dobi Goth says:

hi can u you help me with my t3i, ur tutorlal doesnt work for me, any updates on making it works.

Dan Seanor says:

We have 60D cameras purchased in May of 2012 and they have firmware version 1.1.1. Can you tell me if this headphone monitoring cable will work on these cameras. I know you said it works with Magic lantern firmware, but I do not even know if the version on our camera is considered to be Magic lantern or not. If the cable will not work on our current cameras and firmware, please advise on what I need to do to make headphone monitoring possible.

ArcticNinjaMonkeys says:

Will this work with the t4i?

Michael Buffo says:

Canon 60D. Sold!!!

onelonedork says:

It does work on the 5d mark II you’ll need a different cable and you will need magic lantern.

PropsHM says:

does this work on the canon 5d mark 2? and would i need to install magic lantern, im having a hard time moving the files onto the camera

WupperVideo says:


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