Landscape Photography Tips: Wildflower Sunrise in Idaho

or copy the link Join me on this shoot in Idaho as I shoot landscape photography while the sun rises over a beautiful field of wildflowers. In this video, you’ll learn how to control extreme exposures, shoot HDR, and improve your composition in Photography


Mattie Cynthia says:

Afternoon! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My work buddy Annie made some stunning pictures with their video lessons.

Sputteeee says:

What would you do if your camera fell off your tripod at the end of the video? 😉

1BlueStarRising says:

Awesome !

Chrisle6969 says:

Amazing shots!

David Bolton says:

did you use photomatix to combine them or photoshop?

1717jbs says:

great video.

bleyland629 says:

Hi Jim,
were do you focus ? I cant figure it out 🙂

amazinggadgets says:

I thought you weren’t suppose to soak your tripod past the first segment in the legs. o_O

brodyjonesmedia says:

nikon d7000 and tokina 11-16

Lincoshop says:

Low light event photography
see:w w

xbibox says:

what lens and tripod do you use???

Mark Richards says:

very good, informative for me and thanks!

Praveen Venugopal says: PraveenVenugopalPhotography
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There Is A Forward Slash After

mazen42007 says:

Great shots

Markster Lew says:

What camera and lens do you use? 

Frutoses says:

I wonder what you think makes a good photograph.

XxOtter8DxX says:

thanks thats really helpful(:

Ruth Vilmi says:

Awesome! Thank you!

RossPictureChannel says:

what editing software do you use to put the three pictures together? how do you do that?

bpalme says:

nice shots

09trevenw says:

what lens did you use? beautiful photography!

Jim Harmer says:

A little venom never hurt anybody, right?

Jim Harmer says:

No filters for any of these shots. If I wouldn’t have forgotten it in the car, I would have used a graduated neutral density filter. Since I forgot it, I shot in HDR.

Peter B says:

Jim I forgot to ask you. Were you using any type of filters on your lens for these shots??

Peter B says:

Nice video Jim. Well Done.
Hope theres no snakes in the marsh .

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