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www.dslrfilmnoob.com I’ve been waiting to post this for more then a week. The first Bluetooth transmitter I received was defective and I had to send it back. The seller was kind enough to cover return shipping, but the back and forth took awhile. I finally received the working Bluetooth transmitter a few days ago and had a chance to run the setup through its paces. I’m very happy to say that everything works great! I was able to get clean audio transmitted over 50 feet line of site and about 20 feet through walls. Two tests of battery life showed 5 hours the first test and 3 hours 45 min second test. Not the 8 hours promised by the manual but still quit good for the price. The receiver actually ran out of power before the transmitter on the second test. I would have thought it would be the other way around. Both the transmitter and receiver aren’t much bigger then a compact flash card so they wont add much weight to your rig and since the Bluetooth transmitter sends stereo audio you can get 2 channels of audio back to your camera. I have the full write up with links and pictures here: www.dslrfilmnoob.com Equipment used in this video: Canon 7d & t2i Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 35mm f1.4 Sigma 30mm f1.4 Zoom h1, Zoom h4n Generic Bluetooth transmitter/receiver set Sennheiser G2 wireless mic Rode video mic CPM FILM TOOLS RIG


Mairo Puzzle says:

can you use the wireless transmitter with an Audio-Technica ATR3350 ?

k garamja says:

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1000wordsdotcomdotsg says:

I superlike this! *clap clap*!

TheEditingResource says:

So if I get this set of bluetooth dongles along with an amplifer… I can send the signal from not only my Rode videomic, but a cheap audiotechnica lavalier (under $30).

GrandmothersSpatula says:

Would use of a lavalier mic such as the powered Audio-Technica ATR3350 give better results then you got out of the cheap lapel mic you tested? Thanks in advance for any help man, Cheers

GrandmothersSpatula says:

So you can’t simply plug in an el cheapo lapel mic and have it work? What’s the next best option? Ate there lapels that have greater signal strength?

Bailey White says:

Thank you, Just what I needed to know!

onelonedork says:

I’ve managed to get two to work in the same room but it was flaky.

theteenagefilmmaker says:

do you think 4 transmitters and 4 receivers are too much? I am worried they will interfere with each other. I want to have a lapel for one person each with 4 people. If you don’ think so, is there a limit, do you know? I would love your response.

onelonedork says:

Not sure if you can use multiple bluetooth transmitters with a single receiver device. I’m guessing when you say “ipod wirelessly” you mean bluetooth.

Ali Abdur-Rashid says:

Quick question for you. I am looking to buy one of these cheap bluetooth dongle’s for my motorcycle set up (the transmitter one) to transmit the alerts that my Valentine one radar detector gives off.. I will be using the interphone F5 Bluetooth speakers in my helmet and and want everything to work InSync as I use my iPod via wirelessly from my iPhone 4s.. Technically speaking this should all work but I’m trying to get some intake on what other people think..what is your take… A2DP compatible

onelonedork says:

No just the transmitter.

Benjamin Andersson Grotnes says:

do u need the reciever too if you got a bluetooth headset?? or only the transmitter?

Matt Vis says:

Ahhhh just figured out what was causing the hiss. It was Magic Lantern! On the 60d, there are a number of audio options, one of them being Analog Gain. On my camera, the gain was cranked to 27dB. I turned it down to 10dB and that fixed the problem! 🙂

Matt Vis says:

So I went ahead and bought a pair of BriteLink Bluetooth transmitter/receiver dongles for about $50 on Amazon and went ahead and tested them. My issue is I could hear obvious hissing in the background that would appear in quiet spots. So I thought the best solution would be to get a Fiio headphone amplifier which I went ahead and bought. I am however still hearing the hissing sound in the background. Has anyone else had this issue and found a resolution? (Aside from simply dehissing in post)

Yee Jeff says:

hi , im jeff from malaysia … i would like to ask the brand of the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver set … because i think i unable to find in my country ….

AandDProductions1000 says:

Hi thanks for the video , can i use it for DSLR remote controller?

Musicsupersizer says:

Actually you can, what you need is a Wireless File Transmitter. For shooting on a Canon 7D, I’d use a WFT-E5A (google it). They’re pricey (cheapest I’ve seen is $650) but do what you’re talking about. Hope that helps!

TheInsomniacWriter says:

so you haven’t tried plugging the transmitter’s headphone jack into a mini usb to female headphone jack and receiver’s headphone jack into a usb to female headphone jack.

theteenagefilmmaker says:

try an eye-fi card

AlanWuProduction says:

does this work with nikon d5100 and a h1 zoom mic? thnx

SimpleWiFi says:

Good stuff. Wanna shoot me of your fav vids concerning cool/better Wi-Fi setups? Thanks!

Garren Carrel says:

They are suppose to work in certain cf adapters too, but I dont shoot cf so i dont know which ones would or wouldnt work

Garren Carrel says:

Check out eye.fi.com, they make an adapter that plugs in like a SD but sends wirelessly!

onelonedork says:

Not that I know of.

bryanmsteele says:

is there a way to bluetooth the images i shoot, to my laptop as im shooting stills?
as in: snap a photo, and immediately it automatically bluetooths to my laptop so a client can see the photos you are taking.. ? thanks.

Kyran Ford says:

Thank you for posting this!

jackbaz1 says:

Résolve that chord at the end, its like a massive cliffhanger!

onelonedork says:

It “SHOULD” work with any brand. But I’ve found some blue tooth devices down play well with others. So it’s down to trial and error.

shaolonbros says:

do you have to buy the same brand or will any transmitter and receiver work?

shaolonbros says:

Hey, whats the dual xlr mic input called you have at 1:48?

Maxi Weikamp says:

@1:34 😀

pioni3r says:

Hey There,

i got a question that made me still think a lot….. Is it possible to transmit a video signal also? I thought about cutting off both plugs and replave them witch a small AV-plug. Then, one phase would get lost. But for only video transmition ( i dont need audio ) it should work ?!
The clue is, that the transmitter “should know” if he transmitts video our audio signal (?)

Junior Tufuga says:

what is the range of distance with the bluetooth?

Philipp Re says:

Well…what can i say… totally right! So i just buy a male to female converter and than im good to go!

Thanks for the help and keep up the great work! love your vids 🙂
Greetings from Germany.

onelonedork says:

I’m guessing you tried to plug your mic into the female input, and your male connector into your camera. If so you’ve got things mixed up. The the unit with the female end is the receiver requiring a male to male cable for your camera, and the unit with the male end is the transmitter requiring a female to female adapter to plug in your microphone.

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