Digital Photography – Photographing Outdoor Sports Part 2 Shutter Priority

or copy the link Here in part 2 I go into detail on using Shutter Priority for shooting sports outdoors. What is it, what are the benefits of using it and how it works. Make sure you watch the very end for a sneak peek of shooting better hockey pictures. Shot with the NIKON D3S


Saikiran00009 says:

Hey, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a nice free video demonstrating the right way to shoot impressive pictures. This helped Joe to create photos that leave you with a wow-effect whenever you look at them. Perhaps it will help you too.

nainladen says:

Protip: use auto iso moron

diasslo says:

Nice shortpants burn dude

Sojib Shadat says:

Hello, do you know “MagicSFXphoto” (google it)? There you will find a great free video explaining how you can take fantastic pictures. This made it possible for Matt to make photographs that have a wow-effect while you look at them. I hope it works for you too.

Carl SPtechgadgets says:

hey jared what lens are you using in this video?

xbibox says:

dude i like you (:

tmick990990 says:

aww yeah rocking the tacks

Melanie Wilks says:

Ur at the Civic Center….The Mare Track? hah I live down the street from u….:)

omairhq says:

Hey your lens hood won’t work if its on backwards!

CRANKYONE100 says:

Man…i was so waiting for you to slide into home and NAIL that stuffed creature!!!

funksobravo1 says:

Hey, jared,in which mode you shoot most of your pictures, I use aperture for almost everything and shutter mode sometimes. I have been criticized for using aperture mode, my friends have been recommending Manual mode, but i just dont agree..Would like to hear from you. Thanks fro

CornellMedia says:


Belichtungskorrektur says:

No. It will fret it self 😀 Yeah of course you can use it. No problem, but you problably need a bright shiny day. Greets!

jh3835 says:

ah man jp, i shot a little neighborhood baseball game a few weeks ago with my new sigma 70 200 2.8 and it completely poohed on my old 55 200 vr. i caught swings and balls frozen sharp in mid air.

Baabish Hussain says:

i have sigma 50-500mm is that good for sports.

phonedork says:

But if you use that lens on a DX format camera does it not really equal 107MM-305MM? Because of the 1.5 crop factor?

JaredPolin says:

That sounds totally false to me, it will audo focus and I see no reason why the VR would not work. So your fine. It worked on my d3000 it will work on the d5000 as well. 

JaredPolin says:

of course.

BIGBOYYproductions says:

was that line from the first wayne’s world during the street hockey seen with Garth?

JaredPolin says:

no such animal it would be way way to big. This is the 70-200 2.8 VR 2. 

april051504 says:

is that lense 70-200mm 2.8? cuz im looking for that 70-300mm 2.8 i only see a 4.5

april051504 says:

is that lense 70-200mm 2.8? cuz im looking for that 70-300mm 2.8 only see a 4.5

JaredPolin says:

Nikon d3s and 16mm fish eye. 

ahua101 says:

What kind of camcorder and wide angle lens that you used to capture the video? I know this is not related to dslr stuff but i’m just curious.

RICHARD111112 says:

Game Onnn!! Waynes World 🙂 

praimndi5484 says:

Game on!!! Wayne’s World, love the reference..

Great vids btw.

Pedro DashT says:

Sick !! can’t wait 😀

FirebrandNIRE says:

Great ending 🙂

JaredPolin says:

thanks, i plan on having a ton ton ton more as the new site launches!!!! Im excited for the hockey videos myself. Down with HDR lol ooops did I just say that.

georgeakapierz says:

I’ve watched pretty much all your vids, realllly informative Jared, well done

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