Handguns and Hot Tubs: A Strobist Tutorial

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Go Behind the Scenes with Photographer/Cinematographer Ben Sant as he demonstrates a 2-light setup for special portrait of his band’s annual holiday card. Topics Addressed: -Controlling Specular Highlights on Glasses -Shooting for Compositing and Extraction in Photoshop -Lighting with 2 lights -Firearm Safety -Tethering into Lightroon See more at www.BTSphotography.com


TheCameraGear says:

Love it Ben, thanks for sharing. Look forward to more in 2012.

William Suarez says:

awesome video,  subscribed!

bigbs4 says:

I finally made the investment in getting some “big lights” after several years of shooting exclusively speedlights. I’ve had the Elinchrom Quadras for over a year now and I love them. Since I came from a speedlight background, I wanted something small and more powerful than a typical speedlight could offer. The Quadras are lighter weight, smaller and offer 3x the power of a speedlight, allowing me to overpower the sun on location when conditions dictate less than optimal circumstances.

PJ Pantelis says:

love it!

tomkalbo says:

Cool video!! 🙂

harrybean2006 says:

You guys are cool! But you need to go on the Shay Loss diet!

bodtchboy says:

We still have your Christmas card on our fridge from 3 years ago! I guess we’re your biggest fans!

Looking forward to this years! (Still think you guys should have worn bikinis like they do in the gun magazines. You guys would have really been smokin’ hot!)

Neil Kremer says:

Well done…I love the concept.

glantrider says:

Sorry I didn’t completely finish ur awesome video lol u explained it at the end: )

glantrider says:

That’s spectacular! What power settings did you have ur strobes?

zrsgamboa says:

Wow! Ben, you upgraded from speedlights to Elinchrom Quadras.
How different are they (other than power) compared to speedlights?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Dude, it was really good to see you after such a loooooooooong time. Hope all is well.

cinexstudios says:

Ben is back :) Awesome!

Zeno C says:

Good stuff B………………Thanx

Imsouchivy Suos says:

Finally Big Ben is back, I hope you upload more of your videos. Awesome stuffs man!

Vesko Ruychev says:

Yeeah Ben Sant is back 🙂 Awesome project 🙂

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