Jewelry and Product Photography made quick and easy – Photo Cubics FlashBox A10

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Photo Cubics Inc., FlashBox A10 is made for businesses who are determined to take total control of their jewelry and product photography quality and cost. Anyone without any prior photography experience can quickly and easily make commercial high end professional pure white background photography for product and jewelry. It’s also a snap to produce high end studio quality editorial images. If you’re in business to sell and to succeed then FlashBox is an absolute no brainer. FlashBoxes by Photo Cubics Inc., are the worlds only built-in flash powered portable photography studio systems; they fit on your desktop. FlashBox radically cuts the cost for professional product and jewelry photography without cutting on image quality. FlashBox makes you money. If you appreciate the difference between purchase price and cost of ownership you will immediately recognize the incomparable competitive advantage Photo Cubics FlashBox is for growing the success of your business. Patents Pending – Trademark – Copyright 2010-2013 by Photo Cubics Inc. Your questions and comments are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you. For more information please contact: (323)428-2479 in Los Angeles, Ca.


Steven Bolson says:

Hello Micael,
Send email to Steven at PhotoCubics (dot) com

Micael Domingues Ferreira says:

Hello, I’m Michael I live in Brazil and am starting a website and need to buy that much FlashBox 10. What is the price and send you to Brazil?
I hope your answer.
I’m willing to call and arrange payment and shipping.
Thanks to ever since …

Steven Bolson says:

Any questions… please contact Photo Cubics.
Web site by the same name. YouTube does not allow URLs in comments.

Steven Bolson says:

Wish you all a happy new year and prosperity in 2013. 

Steven Bolson says:

Hello Ben,
Prankster you…
But if you go all in for the A32, yes, I think you could photograph your dog, as long as you sedate it.
But all kidding aside, happy new year… thanks for the cheer.

benaharris says:

whill that foto my dog

Steven Bolson says:

Eddy, that info is on the video, meaning, email or call (323)428-2479

EddyOssLT says:

How to buy it? 🙂

callagoldjewelry says:

This is just a fantastic product. I’ve used lightboxes and nothing comes close to creating a shot that needs so little photoshopping. Your demo is simple and compelling and the time you take to set up the shop is pretty much Guiness World Book of Records fast.

Steven Bolson says:

Hi Bruce,
I hear this a lot. Hopefully others will take note and save themselves the same disappointment. Thank you for sharing this.

Bruce Len says:

Hi Steve,
Love the videos. Unfortunately, I went and fell for the lightbox trap. What a waste of money and time. I’ll hopefully be able to order the A21 from you sometime soon.

Steven Bolson says:

Send email to steven at photo cubics com, you know photo cubics in one word and use a dot after the name and before the com. YouTube does not permit URL links or email addresses in comments, so we do it this way.

Felipe Caburé says:

Hello Steven! I would buy the Photo Cubics FlashBox A10. I live in Brazil. How do I purchase? Please send me information. Thank you!

VitoDinatolo says:

looks great!

Steven Bolson says:

Hey Scott, thanks for the plug. What does the “C” stand for in SCV?

scvusa says:

Wow. Saving my time and money! Thanks Steven

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