Sports Photographer, Jon Willey: How’d They Do That?

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Adorama Photography TV presents “How’d They Do That” featuring Jon Willey. In this episode, Mark talks with Jon who is currently the team photographer and manager of imaging services for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jon shows Mark the steps he takes to get those great action shots on and off the field. For details about the gear Jon uses, and for more articles, podcasts and videos about sports photography, go here: Visit for more videos!


MotoGuy75aaa says:

Boy I would love to have the equipment he has on hand.Very awesome shotsindeed.

HolosPhos says:

It is probably the only area in where the equipment is the most important.

Paolo Infante says:

6:44 dat face 0_o

Emily Wolf says:

YES! haha ikr? in the beginning you even here the digitalrev music lol

Lane Williams says:

90% BS

BigCloud1984 says:

Very nice shots!!

Mr1962M says:

Great Interview .. Interesting to see the U.S. sports photog issues are not that different to ours in Australia. Poorly lit stadiums are a constant challenge and no strobes allowed ! Great Vid

ectechBlog says:

NO ADORAMA, noone beats DRTV!!!

Enid2Sacramento says:

These guys work their as*es off…

PJL10100 says:

Absolute master of his craft so impressive

Womb Raider says:

Great video guys…very interesting!

PuertoRicanVideo says:

This is the first Sports Photography video I’ve sen on Youtube that discusses technique instead of just showing off equipment.

samcockram123 says:

John Willy?

boilerjack says:

I’ve seen enough football to know the best is played in Europe, Man U., Barca, etc, even when it isn’t the W. cup fans in latin america throw urine filled bags at each other & euro-fans have hooligan parties (fights) yeah great sport. Hockey is just soccer on skates.

boilerjack says:

yeah you’re right, in soccer all they interrupt is the Entire stadium when the fans Riot & Set each other on fire, maim one another and destroy the venue.

James Pinder says:

jon WILLEY !!!


personally, in my honest opinion, the only difference between a photographer working on weddings / portraits etc etc and a sports pro is GEAR, its who is willing to spend 8K on the best lens on the market. A lot of people know how to properly expose and compose an image, but being able to dedicate the capital to the necessary gear is just hard for 90% of so many professionals. Also, getting in the door is insane.

spacitydrummer4JC says:

How about a thumb wrestling photographer?

boilerjack says:

Not MLS- soccer jut sucks

Musicmixer1994 says:

Get an NFL photographer please or a MLS.

hpidude says:

@GettingPrepared I think a Gitzo

00sven00sven00 says:

The host looks like Frenchie the Trapper from Cannibal the Musical.

DoctorInferno says:

Gear DOES matter in sports photography.

JackSmurthwaiteMedia says:

they are canons =p =D

curwoodm66 says:

Hey many thanks, i’m currently doing a photography course and the assignment i’m working on is sports photography and this video was very useful to support the theory i’ve been reading. Thanks.

bahamaboy100 says:

im surprised he didn’t mention safety cables when using remotes high up

Max Wilson says:

Nice Vid!

GhostofRazors says:

Those lens look like canons.
Amazing that you can get sharp images with 3200 ISO

Hynee says:

Thanks Mark, I was looking forward to this one, I saw all those Twitpics from your producer. Great to get some access. The remote camera stuff was new to me too, he must have a lot of images to discard after every game!

Nathan Rickaway says:

Wow, he must not sleep! He must be the definition of multitasking. 

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