Wedding Photography Posing Tips, Doug Gordon Ground Flow Posing

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Just an introduction to how get the most out of your subjects and create a fun playful sexy look


djembewara says:

Thank you Doug, fantastic tutorial

THOMAS1945STO says:

Absolutly the best tutorial I found on the internet !!! Thank you Doug !!!

robertlam18 says:


Lee Byon says:

WOW…fantastic video clip…I wish I had you along on my shoots! :O)

Bidyo Mallen says:

Thank you for your time and effort in making this video and sharing it to us. I learned a lot. Quick, great pictures and perfect! ! !

Doug Gordon says:

Almost all of fill lighting is done off camera, I try to shoot through the dress into the face in this case it is off camera 45 degrees to my left

teachmeAVP says:

I learn a lot on this video and wanting to buy the torch light. Just one question: Where did you put the torch light on this video? is it on camera or off camera?

ngbrian1111 says:

Creepy dude, If you touch my wife like that I’ll shoot your ass, fucking freak, pervert.

Lidiane Bishop says:


Doug Gordon says:

Thanks for the nice words. Our light is available on our site doug gordon workshops in our our store. You will have to search it as they don’t allow us to push links. We are running a 50% sale through Thursday 8/23 use the code anniversary. It is for charity

SSensesPhotography says:

Hi.. I love your videos. Excellent work!
Can you please tell me the name of the torch light you use and where I might be able to get it? Thank you very much.

lytephotography says:

wow! I’m amazed.

cardi60 says:

Fantatic video, but do you do all this at the wedding, as the groom is not supposed to see the wedding gown untill the day, you can’t always wisk them off to your studio, so do you do all this days after the wedding!!!

Abbas Ali says:

Your a master!! Really opened my eyes to so many possibilities! Thanks

Karen Johnson says:

I love this video! It is going to help me so much! Thank you

rodrigooneto says:

great,thanks from chili,easy and super fast.

Doug Gordon says:

you can use the code wppi30 for a 30% discount at our website

Onyegolum says:

dear Gordon,

I wanted to buy your DVD, but could not see the discount coupon on your you-tube video. Otherwise the video is wonderful.

Dia Yang says:

this is amazing. thank you!

ihollandful says:

Great great photos

DWHO168 says:

Very impressive….May I ask what kind of “torch light” you have there? Thx.

Aleksey Shinkarenko says:

Amazing! Absolutely amazing!
Thanks for your work!

Allan Stephen says:

……thats exactly what im trying to say..from your point of view…thanks for the tips Doug…i tried out some of your posing tips today at a wedding i just finished like minutes ago…and it makes a really big difference to how my subject looks….looking forward to more of your videos……

Doug Gordon says:

We all have our approaches. The only people who matter to me are my couples. I hate hearing photgs say they cannot touch there subjects. I would pop the guy if he touched me like that. I can assure you after 23 years and over 3500 weddings personally photographed. i feel safe. My studio does over 1000 weddings a year and my staff is trained to shoot exactly like me. Touch is nice. Personal relationships are how bonds and trust are formed. I could either show them and wait ten minutes or touch

Allan Stephen says:

@sincerelyAND ….i dont know how you are seeing this but the point of this is posing tips, not how the image suppose to look..its you the photographer whos editing the photos to makes it look the way you or the couple wants…..yes hes touching the bride, first of all thats all a set up on how you could actually learn something….not what you should actually be doing at a wedding….thats why brides have bridesmaids, and grooms have grooms men, they help with poses like this !!….

SincerelyAND says:

Why don’t this have more dislikes? The posing is ok? The image quality looks like crap. The editing is overly done. And he’s touching her wayyyy too much for any bride or groom to feel comfortable and one of the main jobs of a photographer at a wedding is to make the bride and groom feel comofortable. smh.

Steffan van der Voort says:

Takes a special couple to allow that much manhandling and patronizing “beautiful” coaching. If this guy ever touched my bride this much, I’d pop him.

Lisandro Rivera says:

I like your posing and the pictures but I can’t see myself touching my brides that much.

Memories4lifemedia says:

Wow I have just discovered your way of photographing and I would like to say, I have been doing photography now for about 4 years 1 years sort of semi professional but never new what stile I liked NOW I KNOW what stile I like amazing pls pls pls keep posting I love what you do

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